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Car Wreckers In Canberra Offers The Best Value For Your Car Wreck

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Quick car wreckers Canberra services

Car Wreckers is one of the leading car wrecking companies in ACT. Auto Wreckers provide free consultation and appraisal services to help you deal with your car damages. Car Wreckers Canberra has branches in both ACT and Victoria. It was founded by Australian Mike Lamb. Its mission is to provide consumers with quality, cost-effective auto repair, recovery, disposal and other automotive services.

Car Wreckers delivers professional, timely and safe auto repair and vehicle recovery to clients across all states and territories. The company has been operating in the ACT since 1986. They have a fleet of twenty trucks, service vehicles and four-wheelers. They also provide mobile scrap car removal and vehicle recovery using their state-of-the-art equipment and trained, skilled wreckers. Car Wreckers is one of the leading car wreckers in terms of size, fleet, service and cost.

Best Canberra Car Wreckers

Car Wreckers Canberra is an automotive scrapyard offering free consultation and valuation for any kind of damaged vehicle. Auto Wreckers are the only automotive scrapyard in ACT offering free pick-up and delivery of your damaged vehicle. They are also the only organization in ACT that is authorized to sell used or second-hand vehicles. They also offer cash for gold and cash for dumpster divers. Their customers have the option of having the scrap vehicle repaired or disposed of by donating it to a charity.

Car Wreckers in Australia offers many services including roadside assistance, auto repair, vehicle damage waiver, towing, storage and auction. They also give customers free pick-up and delivery of their damaged or unwanted vehicle. Call us toll free at 7 oval blocks east of Caravan Street, ACT. Or send us an email to tell us how we are running out of something, where to go and how we can help. If you have something that needs to be disposed of, whether it be scrap metal, brake pads, a salvage car or a used clunker, call us.

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Car valuation Canberra services

Vehicles wreckers in ACT are an authorized telecommunications retailer for all communication devices like mobile phones, radio and television. Car Valuation Canberra also sells accessories to add functionality to vehicles. They offer spare parts and vehicle recovery. We accept trade-ins, sell new and reconditioned parts. Our inventory includes automatic transmission, reconditioned engines, drive shafts, alternators, battery cables, alternatorchargers, power steering pump, power window tints, stock fans, exhaust systems, catalytic converters, exhaust systems, bumpers and more.

Car Wreckers in Canberra can refurbish and re-condition almost any make or model of vehicle. Some of our parts are guaranteed against factory defaults, so you are always getting high quality for your investment. With our rebuilt truck spare parts and truck body kits, there is a solution for any vehicle regardless of its age. Whether you need new floor mats or hood covers or bumpers and body parts, we have something for you. We have over 500 fully licensed dealers worldwide.

Car Wreckers in Canberra can dismantle, rebuild, and re-frame trucks, trailers, and automobiles. With our nationwide network of dealers and drop-shippers, your damaged vehicle can be quickly removals from one location to another. No matter what kind of vehicle is damaged, we can disassemble it and then build it back up again, using the same parts to build another vehicle. This allows us to provide top cash value on your damaged vehicle.

If your old vehicle needs a new coat of paint, or new auto parts, no matter what the issue, we can help. Our expert mechanics can inspect your car wreck and suggest the best solution for you. If your old vehicle’s value is $1500 and below, we can offer you free quotes on repairing it or selling it. Whatever you need done with your old vehicles, we can do it!


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