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Car ready for winter – here’s what you have to do

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Car ready for winter: It doesn’t matter if it’s snow or not. Winter requires certain changes in terms of car equipment and driving style. There are also some investments to be made, starting with the purchase of new tires or at least replacing them with the winter ones you have.

Car ready for winter: Specialist’s advice: go to the service

In order to have a well-prepared car for the winter, service visits are recommended for a thorough check. Stop by if you want to buy the parts that need to be changed on your own.

Car ready for winter: antifreeze

With a freezing point that can be easily determined, the antifreeze will be checked in a few minutes in service. Later you find out if you need to change the liquid concentration so that it does not freeze.

Windshield fluid

The cheapest such products are also those that freeze easily. You will not want to hinder your visibility or spend too much time defrosting the windshield, so prefer quality products. Keep in mind that if the liquid has already frozen, you will repeatedly try to wet the windshield in vain. You risk burning the engine.

Also check the battery

If necessary, it will be changed. In winter it is more in demand than ever. At temperatures below minus the battery will discharge more easily, having a capacity halved. The problem is that unchanged, a battery that has reached the end of its life will leave you on the road on the first day of frost.

Required equipment: shovel, chains and other accessories

Winter tires are a must. Experts say that it is ideal in winter to have smaller wheels, for increased comfort and narrower tires, also for better grip. In addition, the car equipped with winter will be the one in which there are also winter chains, sand, shovel and other snow removal tools.

Quality wipers

You should also check the wipers now. Not only water must be removed from the windshield, but also snow. A set of good wipers will ensure good visibility. However, a set is unlikely to last if you operate them to remove the thick layer of ice. It is one of the most common mistakes made that affects the quality of the blades.

Apart from such things, it also matters how much patience each one has to get rid of the snow on the car and warm up the engine before leaving. There are factors that wear the car more and can cause damage. Do not force the windows, do not hit the body to break the ice, do not force the car’s handles. Preparing to go by car in winter is a bit more complex, which can be confusing.

Testing the endurance, the patience of the drivers, winter comes with all kinds of necessities to adopt a few more safety and precautionary measures. Discover at pieseautocamioane.ro useful products for equipping the car in winter and beyond.


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