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Car Maintenance Tips That Will Benefit Your Family Vehicle

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There are over 275 million cars registered in the U.S. While most are in tip-top shape there are others that need some care. However, not all of these vehicles require days at the service shop along with hundreds of dollars in fees. Some cars need basic maintenance to extend their life. While certain tasks must be done by a technician, the rest can be handled by you for little cost. Here are a few car maintenance tips that will benefit your family vehicle.

Rotate Your Tires

Over time, your tire tread wears down. This happens frequently when their alignment is slightly uneven. Rotating the tires evens out the tread. In turn, the life of your tires is extended. Furthermore, this type of maintenance alerts you to their current state. Either they remain usable or immediately need to be replaced.

Replace The Air Filters

Modern vehicles have two air filters. One is based near the engine while the other is in the interior cabin. When these get dirty, both cause problems. To maintain both performance and environment, regularly replace these filters. You’ll know the one for the engine is needed when performance falters. A moldy smell and film on the windshield signify a filter change for the car’s interior. Both filters cost a few dollars and are easily installed.

Check The Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes must be regularly checked. This shows if the pads are worn down or the rotors have begun to warp. In some cases, the lack of the former causes the latter. Most of the time, you’ll know if the brakes should be examined by the sounds they make. A squealing noise increases when the back drums need to be replaced. Grinding and squeaking are signs of issues for both the front and rear brakes.

Have The Proper Equipment On-Hand

Various tools are necessary to keep your car properly tuned. These aren’t expensive items like a lift or pneumatic drills. These are articles that not only help you service your car but are also useful for home repairs. For instance, tire ramps and blocks elevate your car to handle oil changes. A grease gun kit is good to lubricate powertrain and drivetrain parts. A socket wrench set helps you quickly undo tight bolts.

Purchase Windshield Wipers

Old wiper blades don’t have the power to effectively clean your windshield or back window. As a result, your vision is impaired during rain and snowstorms. For a few dollars, you can replace these wipers with new ones. To do so, search the internet or ask your local parts dealership for the right model for your vehicle.

Replace Lights And Turn Signals

Maintenance of these items is important for any type of driving. Without working turn signals other drivers don’t know which way you’re going. The same thing occurs when the head and tail lights are out. Both lead to potential accidents. Like wipers, the required bulbs are specific to the make and model of a vehicle. Though it seems one works for a headlight or turn signal, a mismatch of circuitry causes the bulbs to malfunction.

Change The Oil

Oil changes are still something vehicle owners can do. What’s needed is a new filter, replacement oil, ramps & blocks to raise the front of the car, and a pan or other container to collect the old liquid. If this isn’t something you want to tackle, plenty of service outlets take care of it for you. These car maintenance tips do more than benefit your family vehicle while you own it. They also help keep its resale value intact. Therefore, when you’re ready to move to another car, it’s worth more for a trade-in or cash transaction.

Conclusion for Car Maintenance

There’s no need to tackle all of these at once if it’s not in your budget. Start work on items that maintain the safety of your vehicle. Things like new wipers, bulbs, and brakes are the most critical. Once these are done, think about an oil change and tire rotation. From there, consider getting your tires balanced and flushing your car’s fluids. If you keep up with these maintenance steps, the return on your investment will be greater.


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