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Capsule Wardrobe: A minimalist woman’s closet

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Some women worry about what stylish outfit to wear for the day. Even having lots of choices in their wardrobe does not help in deciding, because of what is called the paradox of choice. More choices mean more decision paralysis, taking them longer than usual to get dressed. The solution for that dilemma is a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of your carefully-curated clothes, consisting of outfits you can easily mix and match. It can be updated occasionally, like every season to go along with the weather change. But the general idea is limiting your outfit choices, which in turn could save you the headache of choosing what to wear or the urge to shop for more.

Capsule Wardrobes: Yay or Nay?

Before you decide whether you want to commit yourself to a capsule wardrobe, maybe you’re asking yourself if it is only right for you. Many ladies feel like this would only stress them out further. Especially for those with a huge volume of clothes in their wardrobe, where do they even begin?

It may seem stressful at first, but all the choosing happens only at the start, thus eliminating everyday decision fatigue. It streamlines your dressing process by limiting down your options to easy to maintain clothing pieces that are interchangeable. Not only do these kinds of closets save you bucks, but they are also known to be sustainable.

You update it every season, or every year, totally up to you. And last year, we have even grown accustomed to wearing only what’s comfortable over stylish–because we’re all stuck at home. So this is almost the same concept, except you get to curate your choices now.

Capsule wardrobe 101

They are not entirely a new idea, capsule wardrobes are known to have been around for years. But if you’re not familiar, here are what you must keep in mind when building your own.

Choose neutral colors

One of the main things to remember when keeping a minimalist closet is limiting down your color choices to wearing neutral colors. Since you want interchangeable clothing pieces, your outfits should not color clash. Neutral colors include some of the common ones, like white, navy, gray, black, beige, or even cream.

Coordinate the clothes

Yes, you want to have minimal pieces in your wardrobe, but you still gotta plan what types of clothing you put. Have an inventory of your clothes and pick out which versatile pieces you prefer. You can include some tees and pairs of pants, denim that is perfect for most tops, coats or blazers for the weather, several skirts, and some plain dresses. And consider covering most occasions, like what you’ll wear for an event, or for a family night out, or hanging out with friends. How about for a fitness activity or when you’re going to the gym?

Opt for comfortable wear

Since your outfits for the next months will depend on what you include in the capsule wardrobe, it’s important to pick out those you’ll feel comfortable wearing. And also, minimizing your closet means limiting your choices. Chances are you’ll get to wear these outfits several times in a month. So opt for those that don’t make you irritable or uneasy, and make sure you’re satisfied with your choices.

Invest in quality and versatile clothes

Capsule wardrobe is all about quality, not quantity. That’s why you should opt for timeless pieces that are durable and long-lasting, so you can easily maintain them. Investing in high-quality and long-term pieces may cost you some fortune, but saves you money in the longer run. We also mentioned timeless or versatile pieces so that whenever you decide to include them in your capsule wardrobe, they are always in style, and can be repurposed in most occasions.

Throw in some patterns

While neutral colors and plain designs dominate a capsule wardrobe, it’s still a good idea to throw in some playful patterns in the mix. Don’t be afraid to add some plaid scarf or a floral dress that can still compliment the other pieces in your wardrobe. Just make sure that the colors are still in harmony with most of your clothes.

Accessories and footwear

It’s not just clothes, but other important fashion items, too! You should also choose neutral-colored footwear, if possible. Three to four pairs of heels, and a couple of sneakers, and some flats if you prefer, will do. A couple of pretty handbags that are durable and structured, since you’re going to use them a lot now.


Capsule wardrobes will not only minimize your clothing, but could also help you resist the urge to shop for more. It solves decision fatigue with your style choices, and this minimal closet streamlines your fashion deciding process. Plus, it actually makes you more sustainable (yay for mother Earth!). Remember, less is more!


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