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Can You Switch From Breastfeeding to Formula Feeding? 

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Breastfeeding is said to be the best feed for a baby, and it truly is. However, there can be some instances where you would like to shift to formula milk from breast milk. Formula milk is an alternative to breast milk and is designed to meet the full nutritional needs of babies. It is best for those mothers who want to switch from breastfeeding to formula feeding for various reasons.

Can You Switch To Formula Feeding?

It is probable to shift from the mother’s feed to formula feed. Nevertheless, it might be a difficult task to accomplish.

Reasons to Quit Breastfeeding

Many mothers will consider this alternative approach for several reasons. Some moms work, so they need to return to their jobs, and others might have health complications affecting their breast milk. It is also possible that your baby is fussier than expected, making it difficult to breastfeed at all.

Why Switch To Formula Feed?

Formula feed is the next best alternative to breastfeeding:

Benefits of Formula Feed

Formula milk is made according to the needs of a baby. Breast milk has amino acids, proteins, and antibodies crucial for a baby. Formula milk also contains these elements, so you do not need to worry about your baby missing out.

Sometimes, a baby requires more milk intake than a mother can provide, which causes mothers to add formula feeding to their baby’s diet. Formula feed is convenient for many moms. Moreover, you can allocate the responsibility of feeding the baby to your spouse, creating close bonding between both parents.

How to Switch From Breastfeeding to Formula Feeding?

Below are steps to successfully transition from breastfeeding to formula feeding.

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Shift When It Is Safe
  3. Feed Breastmilk in Bottle
  4. Mix Both the Feeds
  5. Do Not Hasten the Process
  6. Take Turns with Both Feeds

Do Your Research

Before you transition to formula milk, you should know which formula you will give your child. The most popular ones include cow’s milk-based formula, hypoallergenic formula, and specialized formula. If your baby is susceptible to allergies, HiPP hypoallergenic formula is an excellent option.

It is imperative that you seek advice from a pediatrician, and an expert can suggest what milk best suits your child.

Shift When it is Safe

You must be sure that you shift to formula milk when your baby can handle it. If the conditions are favoring you, it won’t be easy to accomplish your goal. Some disturbances can be teething and alteration in the sleep cycle.

Feed Breastmilk in Bottle

An excellent tip for your baby to be comfortable with bottles is to use breastmilk first. Babies will hesitate less when offered milk whose scent and taste are familiar to them and will be less repulsive than expected.

Mix Both Feeds

If your baby is resistant to formula milk, you can try mixing breast milk with formula milk. Mixing will disguise the formula milk, and the baby might drink the mixture as it will taste and smell closer to breast milk.

Do Not Rush the Process

Understandably, you want your baby to drink formula milk as soon as possible. You need to monitor your baby’s reaction to formula milk patiently, and this can help you devise tips and tricks to get the baby to like formula milk.

You can divert the baby’s attention by showing attractive toys and fancy items. Shifting will help transfer the attention from the milk to other objects around him, making your task easier.

Take Turns with Both Feeds

You can coordinate with both feeds. Start by substituting one breastfeed with that of formula feed. You can gradually increase the formula feed dosage when your child accepts it.

A trick that you can try is to feed formula milk to your baby when the baby is hungry. At this time, the baby will not wrestle with the urge to fill the stomach, so the baby will accept formula milk.

Involve Your Partner

Involving your partner can be a great time to help build a more profound connection between the baby with the dad. The mother becomes no longer a distraction when the dad tries to feed the baby. This will help reduce stress on you and will be great for the dad as well.


Switching from breastfeeding to formula feeding can be troublesome if not done correctly. Therefore, it is advised to do thorough research and consult your doctor before making any changes. You can use the above-mentioned steps to begin the process of switching from breastfeeding to formula feeding.


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