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Can we trust Massage guns?

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A massage gun is a percussive tool that is used commonly to relieve the pain from the soreness of the muscles as well as mobility. The device is used widely to help in the recovery of the muscles of the body. Whereas, we have a collection of massage guns. They are quickly becoming trendy among people in the fitness and health industries. However, the point here is that should we rely on these massage guns. Are they as effective as people say? For the believers of this small device. Relief from a niggling muscle injury can be from a small vibrating device in your palms.

What does a massage gun mean and what are its functions?

The massage gun comes with a miniature device that can fit into the hand. The device sounds and looks like a power drill. Many massage guns come with various speeds and pieces which are usually used to help improve pains from the muscles. There is a wide range of brands when it comes to massage guns. Healsage Australia has proven to be some of the strongest brands in Australia based on recommendations and reviews from athletes.

The massage gun as a mini-hand sized therapists

For many athletes, the massage gun seems like a mini-therapists. That can be held in the hand to produce relief from all types of pains. Massage guns are famously known to be effective in minimizing a painful muscle condition. Known as Delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS. The tool can also be used to improve the length of the muscles on a short-term basis. Athletes and other physically active people get DOMS after they have spent hours taking part in an intense workout. DOMS usually sets in between 24 and 72 hours after intense physical activity.

And can lead to soreness of the muscles. This is a painful condition. however, you can easily deploy your trusty massage gun to help improve this condition. When you make use of the massage gun around the affected muscles. The degree of soreness to the muscles can be minimized. This easily leads to enhanced recovery of the muscles.

What parts of the body should we not use our massage guns?

We are meant to use the massage guns only on our muscles. And not on our tendons, joints, bones, and nerves. This recommendation seems quite obvious and industry experts have warned. That we avoid all the places that we might be having scabs, cancerous lesions, newly fractured bone, or any wounds. We should also try to avoid using this massage gun on any part of our bodies. That is suffering from impaired sensation.

Cellulite: Does a massage gun improve the situation

Massage guns have been proven to improve many conditions in the muscles. It has been shown that the devices might have little effect on cellulite. However, the device is praised more for the benefits it has on our health in general. The device when used the right way, can help us feel a lot more relaxed. It can also be used to reduce soreness and tightness of the muscles while decreasing the pains in the body altogether. The massage produced by the gun might not be useful in helping you to look better, however, it can certainly help make you feel a lot better.


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