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Can Shoes Protect your Feet While Walking on Concrete Floors?

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Yes, shoes can protect our feet and provide suitable cushioning while walking, working on standing all day on concrete floors. Many people have experienced foot injuries from walking on concrete floors. To guarantee the finest safety for your feet, you must work in good shoes. Long periods of walking or running on rough, hardened concrete could place extra force on your feet.

There are some best shoes for walking on concrete. These shoes have specialized midsoles that are made of Polyurethane or EVA foam that provide cushioning and support underneath your feet. You would need different types of shoes for standing on concrete, depending on the environment.

Shoes for walking or standing on concrete could be:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Walking Shoes
  • Safety shoes
  • Work shoes
  • Running and Athletic shoes

Some people also like to wear running shoes while standing all day on concrete floors during their work. This is because some running shoes have a great style and aesthetics that compel people to wear those shoes at work. Furthermore, these shoes have breathable mesh upper, extremely lightweight and great arch support that bears the pressure of hard concrete floors. You would need running shoes with the thickest and soft midsole that would provide excellent cushioning.

Similarly, Hiking shoes have thicker lugs that allow you to walk on uneven concrete surfaces as they provide you with great traction to prevent slips and falls.

Work shoes have minimalist and formal designs. There are also some slip-on work shoes with rocker bottom sole and Polyurethane midsole that has great compression-set properties for long hours standing on concrete floors.

Almost all safety shoes can protect the feet from the hardness of concrete floors since they are specifically designed for such purposes. At factories and construction sites, there are hard concrete floors, that can cause extreme damage to your feet if you don’t wear safety shoes. These safety shoes have additional feature as they have sturdy design, great slip-resistant and strong toe-box with a comfy fit so that you can work on concrete floors safely at factory places.

Placing of Inserts in Shoes

Sometimes, there are shoes that have excellent features like cushioning, lightweight, breathability and durability. The only feature they can lack is sufficient support. For this, you can also place your custom orthotic inserts in your shoes that would allow you to stand for long hours on concrete.


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