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Can cryptocurrency be a money transfer solution for everyone?

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Cryptocurrency has not only the ability to become the perfect money solution for everyone but it can become a mainstream tool for handling day-to-day finances. In the traditional financial system, a number of flaws keep popping up every now and then. Be inflation, bubbles, bailouts, unfair policies, lack of transparency, significant population of unbanked people, there are many such issues that need to be amended for good. 

But, what is the solution? 

How can the flaws of the conventional financial system be amended? 

The answer is cryptocurrency. 

Let us see how crypto can serve as a money solution for everyone and help in overcoming the flaws of the conventional financial system. 

1) A solution for unbanks population: 

As per, a study, around 2 billion people in the world do not have access to any bank account. Keeping most of everything valuable possession in cash is not only dangerous but impractical. But, cryptocurrency step in here and has the ability to solve this issue. With the use of digital currency people can become their own bank without the need of any intermediator. In addition to this people do not have to go through the hustle of opening a bank account. 

2) Optimises the risk of fraud: 

When we talk about transactions related to money, fraud is one of the major concerns of people. Right from moey transfer to using  credit cards, hackers have found several loopholes to forge into the system and carry out notorious activities. In the end, the general public is at the losing end. But, not anymore! With cryptocurrency the transaction takes place on a public ledger and the get securely recorded on blockchain as well. 

3) Better solution for money transfer:

With no physical currency involved, the transfer of cryptoucurrency is relatively hassle free and gets executed in very less time. In addition to this, one of the most striking features is the fact that there no fees is charged on any transfer and eery transaction ca be tracked on the public ledger. 

4) It will make the e-commerce sector stronger: 

E-commerce has become part and parcel of most individuals around the world. Owing the fsst and convenient services offered by e-commerce sector, the popularity and penetration among masses continues to grow. Now, coupling the power of e-commerce and ease, security and fastness of cryptoucurrency bear fruitful results. Not only the risk of fraud get mitigated but the t e-commerce businesses get to expand their reach around the world. 

5) Money transfer beyond physical boundaries: 

Yes, cryptocurrency enables monye transfer solutions beyond the physical boundaries. While traveling to any other nation, carrying cash not only increases risks but there is a hassle to get it exchanged with other countries’ currency. Well, cryptocurrency solves this problem because the not only token exchange is easy within the ecosystem but there is no need to carry any physical currency as well. 

Therefore, owing to these features and many more, cryptocurrency can be the perfect money transfer solution for everyone! 


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