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Can an IT company help you in Enhancing your Logistics Startup in Singapore?

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Technology is now deeply embedded in nearly every business operation and especially when it comes to logistics, smooth flowing is required. Usually, most logistics giants in Singapore or elsewhere have their own separate IT departments to run operations smoothly. 

The importance of Logistics cannot be underestimated since it’s the backbone of our society and it keeps the world running. With modern technologies, the procedures such as tracking or handling have made this process more transparent than it used to be. 

However, unlike the logistic giants, small companies might lag in providing top-of-the-line and efficient systems to keep the same smoothness for operating. The reason being, lack of funds to implement a full-fledged consulting it company department in their company. 

This limitation can lead them towards failure especially in competitive environments like Singapore. So, what’s the solution? Should you dig deep in your pockets and create a separate services of it company department for your company or should you opt for the alternative and hire an IT Company in Singapore?

Well, both these answers can be considered but we recommend the second option for small business owners. But to justify our choice, an overview of some facts is required. So, let’s overview some important aspects. 

Logistics and Technology – How they Work Together!

Before we begin exploring the provided options, it’s appropriate to overview how logistics and technology work together. The thing to understand about logistics is that it’s not a simple process. 

The process begins with acquiring a certain product that you’ll be transporting. Next, comes the part where you need to store this product, and last but not the least, deliver the product to the specified location.

On paper, it does sound simple but what you need to understand is that this process involves many different entities and an effective system to work smoothly. And that’s where services it company technology comes in.

Gone are the days when you manually logged in your progress in logbooks, nowadays real-time monitoring and tracking is required. With the help of technology, this is now possible. From the acquisition of the product to delivery, perfection in operation is a must.  

So computers are the way to ensure this smooth flow. That’s why technology and logistics go hand in hand. For your ease, here is an example of how this process works.

Overview of the Process:

Suppose you want to get some medications delivered from Singapore to Thailand. These medications need to maintain constant 5 degrees of ambient temperature.

Of course, you’ll contact a logistics company for this task. So, when they’re initially contacted, your call will be logged in the system and requirements will also be updated by the person receiving your call. Next, your requirements will be forwarded to the relevant department and they will make sure to make arrangements for your needs. 

After that, more and more people will get involved such as the truck or van driver, warehouse storage staff, and staff from the ship. Usually, they’ll have multiple consignments to handle but with a command that the first operator added in the computer started this process for this product as well. And till delivery, technology will be used to keep track of the product and ensure timely, and safe delivery. 

Of course, the process is way more complicated than this but just to get the gist of it, an overview of the process was required. 

Embedding Technology into your Logistic Company

Now that the importance of technology in logistics is made clear, the next thing in your mind should be implementation. You can’t simply just go out, buy equipment and start operating. For smoother operations, proper equipment like software, hardware, and even manpower is required.

To get all that, you’ll need to invest heavily, and technology is not cheap. So, an in-house it company support department can be a viable option but might hurt your pocket a little more. The other option is  to hire a third party to manage all your IT operations. 

This option can provide you with cost-effective solutions since you’ll not have to implement an overall infrastructure in your company. Apart from that, an experienced it company services in Singapore will have multiple clients and will understand your business operations better.

While an in-house IT department will be easy to keep track of but on the other hand, all the issues will fall on your shoulders for resolution. Contrarily, it company service will handle all the issues themselves and you will only need to focus on your part of the operation. 

What Services do IT Companies Provide?

Services of IT companies range from managing services of an it company to implementing a network infrastructure in your company. The importance of technology in your logistic business is quite obvious. But now it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll be implementing a whole infrastructure in your company yourself or outsource it to an external IT company. 

Both have their pros and cons, but many IT companies will provide individual contractors as well that can implement and maintain your network infrastructure in-house. Moreover, things like troubleshooting, updating, and monitoring will be something that you don’t need to worry much about. However, it’s still recommended to keep track of all of it. 

The Bottom Line!

If you have just started a logistics business or operating for a while without proper systems in place then you need to focus on implementing them soon enough. Especially if you’re operating in Singapore which is considered a major logistics hub and is a market leader in timeliness and competence.

So to maintain this high-end profile of Singapore as the market leader in the world of logistics, and also survive in this competitive environment, you also need to create highly effective systems that will add to this reputation and will not drag it down. 
It doesn’t matter whether you want to implement an in-house system or hire an it company service to manage your services. The key is to implement an effective system and you are on the path to failure without one.


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