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All That You Should Know Before Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

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Things to look for:

Buying Vintage engagement rings is always a good investment. Antique jewelry is priceless and rare possession to have. But finding a perfect one could be a challenge. It requires a lot of patience, time, and a look around, before you get the perfect piece, and especially if it is a vintage engagement ring.

If you love the idea of old-fashioned romance, you have two options – one is a family heirloom and the other is buying an antique wedding or engagement ring for your beloved.

There couldn’t be anything as rare and as beautiful as vintage gemstone rings. The beauties of these rigs are that they are unique, have some special charm, unmatched craftsmanship, and are rare. As it is there is a lot of antique and vintage engagement and wedding rings available in the market, but before you commit to buy one, there are certain things that you should know about them.


Antique wedding rings are beautiful and every piece you see is going to awe you and is expensive. This can make anyone spend far beyond their capacity in buying one. So, before you go on to buy the best vintage engagement ring for your beloved, set your budget and be sure of how much are you able to spend? Leave enough scope for little flexibility here and there, as this is the only engagement ring that you will ever buy.


Vintage gemstone rings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and stones. It is never easy for an untrained eye to able to access the differences in terms of carats, weight, cuts, color, and clarity. These things might sound small, but can make a difference in the cost and beauty of the ring that you choose for your beloved and there are full chances that you get duped easily. Make sure you verify all the details of the purchase and buy only from a reputed and licensed dealer. Who gives you all the information about the ring correctly? Always make an informed decision.


To be termed as an ‘Antique’ the engagement ring has to be a minimum of 80 to 100 years old. If it is less than that and over 20 years, it becomes a ‘Vintage’ piece.  The reason for you to know this is because the price will greatly vary on this factor. Antique engagement rings are many times costly than Vintage engagement rings.


Whenever you are buying anything precious and valuable like a Vintage Jewelry, make sure that you buy only from a reputed dealer. Check if the dealer is offering you any guarantee on the stones or of any other defects. Does the dealer have a good reputation? How do you feel talking with the dealer? What does your instinct say?

Try and find answers to all of these before you make your final purchase. There is no short supply of good or bad dealers. Take your time, pay extra attention and choose wisely.


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