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Buying Tyres? Things To Keep In Mind

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Buying tyres can be an intimidating process with several factors to consider and also the different types you would come across. But it does not have to be so; knowing first-hand what you want is the key to finding the right tyre. Your tyres are your safety feature and the only link with the road.

Your tyres have a crucial impact on your performance and also the stopping distance of the car. Whether you are a new car owner or wish to replace the old ones, there are a plethora of options out there. Here are a few tips to help you purchase better tyres depending on your requirement and choice.

First Understand When You Should Change Your Tyres

You do not have to be an experienced professional to figure out if your car requires new tyres or not. Find time to inspect your tyres Bredbury, even the spare ones. Spare tyres, even if not used, should be replaced after a certain period. Conduct the penny method to figure out if they require replacement or not. Opt for a thorough tyre inspection; check the sidewalls for any cracks or any holes.

Even if you cannot, seek help from a professional. Every year MOT tests are conducted to check whether your car is maintaining all the regulation, including emission restriction.

Tyre Sizes Differ, And Each Car Comes With An Unique Requirement

Tyre size is one thing that can confuse you a lot. Not everyone is aware that tyre sizes differ for the kind of car you are driving. Most tyre manufacturers and dealers will ask about your car’s model and the year of origin. You could go for the quality ones while investing more, or you could opt for the cheaper versions.

The kind of tyre you select, make sure the tyres can handle your car model and the designated speed along with the weight. Open the car manual to get a better understanding of what would be the perfect tyre dimensions for your car.

Figure Out The Tyre Codes

The most confusing part about new tyres would be deciphering the several codes it comes with. Each code stands for a vital piece of information and, it is an amalgamation of alphabets and numbers that help in indicating tyre weight, size, performance and a lot more. The first 3 numbers you would see denote the tyre width. Take, for example, 335/45, 335 millimetres is the tyre width, and 45 would be the height which is equivalent to 45% of the tyre’s width.

Tyres coming with the alphabet ‘R’ denote that the tyre size is radial. A tyre with markings of 335/45 R19 denotes that it is manufactured for a car wheel that has a 19’ diameter. When purchasing new tyres, tyre codes are significant to get the right pricing from your tyre dealer or manufacturer.

Shop Around, Compare And Purchase Smartly

Just like you would never purchase any clothing without trying, comparing and looking around, one should be careful while investing in tyres. Tyres Levenshulme are expensive, and one small mistake could make your driving experience really uncomfortable and jeopardise your life too.

For convenience, car owners often visit their local tyre dealer. If you do not require any customisation and if their quotes seem reasonable, you could replace tyres from their shop. Budget tyres differ from premium ones in terms of services, performance, rubber quality and technology. Read the review of the tyre dealer and find out about previous customer satisfaction and complaints, if any. This helps you make better choices.

Analyse all your options before you decide to spend. Seek professional help and go through the tips before taking the plunge and investing in your tyres.


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