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Is buying medicines online safe

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Before you purchase even your first medicine online Ask! Is buying medicines online safe? 

Look for following warning signs on the website you clicked: 

  1. Don’t purchase from online pharmacies that are offering you deep discounts and spam your mail. 
  1. Medicine prices that are unbelievable and in reality, not trustworthy for you.
  1. Online pharmacies that sell your information including your personal details, such as phone no, email & payment details to other websites. 
  1. Online pharmacies that charges you with medicines that you never ordered or received 
  1. Complex & unclear privacy policy. There is no physical address that these medicines online selling stores exist on ground.
  1. You received damaged packaged bottles, expired medicines, misspelled medicine names that look different from original
  1. The online pharmacy store’s website is unregistered and does not follow the health practices regulations applicable in that region.

Stay away from the websites that show these alarming symptoms. A trusted online pharmacy can provide medicine for your symptoms. But, You have the cure to stay away from these falsified online medicine websites. 

Now, revealing the bonus. 

Online medicine ordering app and how you can use them the right way to purchase medicines online: 

  • Check the rating & review: Before downloading any online medicine ordering app, you should check the reviews the customers have written for the app. This will ensure that you can purchase medicines online safely. 
  • Check the permission required by app: Before you start using any app, you should know the purpose of downloading the app. Like in the case of buying medicine online, the only sole purpose is – you search for any medicine, you add them to the cart & check out. Now, here the important permission can be to allow your location to be on or to scan the doctor’s prescription. You may or may not permit the app to store any information you have entered. 
  • Storing payment details or personal details in the app: When you start using the medicine buy online app, you need to put some information that is mandatory to be entered & some information is not needed. Keep the check on what is necessary to ensure your privacy does not get hamper. Try to avoid saving payment details unless you surely trust the app. 
  • Check the user interface & get familiar with every navigation: The first thing you can do after you install a trustworthy app is you should familiarize yourself with its functionalities. So that whenever you use the app next time, maybe in a hurry, you can easily navigate to it. 
  • Never download apk or app from browsers – Like fake websites, there can be fake apps also. And there are many, the best pick you want to choose is – to download it from play store for Android users and from App store for mac users or iPhone users.


Which app can you start using as your first or second online medicine ordering app from the play store? 

The no. #1 choice you can go with is Trumeds- Trusted Dawa Delivery App. 

Why should you choose their online medicine ordering app? 

#1: They have positive user rating & reviews 

#2: They don’t ask for useless permissions from you when you download their app for the first time

#3: They do not store any personal or payment information without your permission. They take their customers’ privacy with seriousness. 

#4: They have a guided navigation app that allows them to make the user comfortable while using their app. Easy interface, and user friendly. 

#5: They are the trusted applications in the play store & App store. So you can buy medicine safely from them.

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