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Is It Worth Buying an Old House And Renovating?

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Why would you want to buy an old house? You see, there are a lot of people who buy houses that are on their way out. They go to the Realtor and they find out that the house needs a lot of repairs and it probably won’t even make it to the end of its term. Then they have to scramble and try to come up with the money to buy it before the price decreases further or it folds completely.

But wouldn’t you rather buy a home that is still in good condition and that is in good standing with the bank? This way, you get a great bargain. A bargain that is not going to go away any time soon. And you can keep it and potentially even increase the value as well. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of a refurbishment company?

Spend Money For Renovating

But what if you are short on cash? If you do decide to buy a house that needs some repairs, where you might have to spend some money to make the repairs go away, you need to take advantage of the fact that you can fix the house yourself. If it is structurally unsound then you could have to replace some parts of it. You may need to put wallpaper back over some cracks. You might have to remove mold from around a quarter or third of the walls.

Old House and Renovating

So now you are faced with the problem of whether or not you should buy the house. You have to ask yourself “Is it worth buying an old house and renovating?” You need to take into consideration the cost of repairs. You need to factor in the time needed to bring the house up to par. You also need to consider the quality of the home.

Interior and Plumbing

If you bought a house that needs some renovations, but it would be cheaper to bring it up to par than to buy a house that needs to stay as is, then you would be better off. You would probably save some money by renovating rather than buying a completely new home. Renovations usually include electrical work, plumbing, painting, and minor remodeling. If the renovations were on the interior and plumbing was included, then you would probably save a lot of money.

However, before you decide to buy and renovate the house, you would have to be sure that the house is in good enough condition. It would be wise to hire a professional inspector. If you decide to buy the house then you need to check to see if the house is still under warranty. If it is then you could take advantage of the warranty and purchase the house at a significant discount.

Think About Your Lifestyle

When you buy a house that needs repairs, you would need to consider your budget, your desires, skills, etc. In other words, you would need to think about your lifestyle and needs. There would also be various ways in which you can make the renovations happen. You could either change the layout of the rooms, add new rooms, tear out part or all of the existing rooms, or use the parts of the existing rooms to add on to the house.


If you are determined to buy an old house and renovate it, then you would also need to get permits. Some areas require you to get building permits before you can buy and renovate. Others require you to tear down the existing structure. Sometimes, you might be required to build a foundation for the new structure. You will have to ensure that the area meets all local building codes.


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