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Buy Rolex Datejust Watch with Latest Design

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If you want to buy Rolex Datejust watch with the latest design, you are in the right place. From the Rolex aficionados to anyone buying Rolex watches for the first time, know that the Rolex Datejust blue watch is the most popular and best-selling model of all time.  Many American presidents, British Prime Ministers, famous actors, popular sportsperson, and many celebrities wish only to wear this masterpiece for over 75 years.  And it is not without reason that it is the best of the best as its classic aesthetic look coupled with its excellent functionality with an automatically changing date and being waterproof for 100 meters. But to buy it with little effort, time and cost, you need to choose the right and renowned online company with experience for years to have all its qualities intact.  Hence check out the evolution of the Rolex Datejust blue watch and many reasons you need to buy it with the latest designs. 

Evolution of Rolex Datejust for the past over 75 years

From the first time Rolex released the certified and self-winding chronometer wrist watch for its fortieth anniversary, it evolved into many models and versions. From 28mm to 41mm in diameter size to many versions from stainless steel to solid gold versions, the Datejust added many design options to improve its movement to adding Cyclops lens. In 2009, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II was released with 41mm diameter, with its case bigger than the original Datejust.  And only in 2016 the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust got released with stainless steel along with two-tone stainless steel and 18k everyone of yellow bracelets. From Eisenhower and Winston Churchill to Ronald Reagen and Joe Biden now wore Datejust to increase its popularity.  Hence your decision to buy Rolex Datejust blue watch with the latest design is the right choice for the following reasons. Online watch store is the best option to find and buy luxury watches online.

Reasons to buy Rolex Datejust watch with the latest design.

  • For over 75 years, Rolex Datejust is the most popular and best-selling model preferred by presidents and prime ministers.
  • Rolex upgrades Datejust as per the trends and needs to remain on top of others.
  • It is a rare combination of classic look and functionality with automatic date change and water-resistant. 
  • Rolex Datejust blue watch keeps the hallmark traits of the classic Datejust to have a thorough masculine and modern look to be the first choice for men worldwide.
  • It comes with the latest design of improved oyster steel construction and the new caliber 3235 movements and has Paraflex shock absorbers with a longer seventy-hour power reserve.
  • The Oyster Perpetual Datejust features a champagne-colored dial along with a jubilee bracelet.
  • Its elegant profile filled with fluted bezel gets highlighted by the light reflections on the case sides. 

For the above facts and reasons it is best to buy Rolex Datejust blue watch with the latest design from reputed online companies at cheaper costs but with the best of quality and service.


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