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Buy Handcrafted lifelike baby dolls online

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We offer you to Buy Handcrafted lifelike baby dolls online at Babyclons.com. You get here the best deals on buying beautiful baby dolls online from our online shop.

Unpainted Silicone Babies

Fantasy Star Asleep/Awake

Introducing the new Fantasy Star model. The star model for Babyclon’s fantasy world®. With this sculpture you can blow your imagination and create any fantastic creature in your head.

Just choose the base color you want and begin to realize your creativity. There are endless combinations, as for example, with the green color to make a baby ogre, or with a Caucasian or AA an animal as a tiger or a baby Leon.

Berlin Asleep/Awake – II Edition

Fantasy Star Asleep/Awake$1,625.00
Galaxy Asleep/Awake$1,820.00

Luanda Preemie Asleep/Awake

Miami Awake

Contact Us:

Email: service@babyclons.com

Phone: +1 (323) 389-6880


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