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Butyl Rubber Market Size, Share, Industry Growth and Analysis

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Butyl Rubber market is a synthetic polymer produce by the copolymerization of isobutylene (98%) and isoprene (2%); therefore, also known as isobutylene-isoprene rubber (IIR Rubber). All these elastomer properties make it an ideal material for inner tubes and high-pressure applications. It is also extensively use in adhesives and sealants as binders and modifiers. Moreover, it is a cost-effective material with a life span of 5-10 years. 

Butyl rubbers are blend with other materials, such as fillers, antioxidants, and oils, to enhance their thermophysical and mechanical properties. The hexane solution of Butyl Rubber is halogenate with chlorine to form Chlorobutyl or Bromine to form Bromobutyl Rubber which increases the cure rate and improves its resistance against reversion. Hence, the market is segment into different types based on composition, such as Regular Butyl Rubber market, Chlorobutyl Rubber, and Bromobutyl Rubber.

Moreover, the ongoing construction projects and growing automobile sector in the area are also expect to fuel the demand for Butyl Rubber in the forecast period. Additionally, China is one of the leading consumer goods producers, likely to sell up the need for Butyl Rubber in the forecast period.

Hence, its growing demand from several end-use industries is expect to offer several opportunities to market players to expand their manufacturing capacities to fill the demand and supply gap in the future,” said Mr. 

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