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Business Registration Dubai Easy with KWSME Consultants

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The UAE’s best business hotspot is the city of Dubai. The advanced technological benefits and great business opportunities made this city an ideal place for a startup or setting an offshore branch. The perks for starting a business in the gold city are maximum but one major hurdle creates problems for entrepreneurs and that is the process of business registration Dubai.

Freshers tried to make a deal with business consultants but the majority of them received poor service and due to lack of information their license applications were rejected. KWS Middle East is a week-recognized business consultancy team that resolved many Dubai company registration problems within weeks.

We have detailed information about how to register a company in Dubai with the help of KWSME.

Business Registration Dubai Steps

The Dubai company registration system consists of some basic stages that are slightly complicated for the fresher and business consultants can guide them with proper consulting assistance. Here are those essential steps which are necessary for freshers to be followed.

1- Choosing Business Activity:

The company in Dubai cannot be registered until the owner of the firm selected which type of business, they will start in the Dubai region. KWSME can help you to choose which business is profitable and how much cost will be spent to finalize the type of business.

There are four major business types:

  • Commercial
  • Professional
  • Industrial
  • Tourism

KWSME team can guide which business type will get you maximum profit and what are the best places to establish your office/business building. KWSME has direct links with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This economic sector gives approvals to startups after finalizing all the required documents for business registration Dubai. KWSME has complete knowledge of important applications and how to fill them according to mentioned regulations.

2- Selecting Company Name:

KWSME can suggest your latest company with a suitable name that is acceptable in UAE. If you already selected your company’s name then KWSME will perform a deep search to make sure your company’s name is clear and you can move to the next level of Business registration Dubai.

There are some rules to be respected while operating a business in Dubai, concerning choosing a company’s name in Dubai it should be a careful decision before sending it to DED. The name should not be inappropriate or contains hateful words which violate the norms of UAE. KWSME will make sure to help you decide on a respectable and likable company name that can be officially used in all states of the UAE.  

3- Completing Corporation Paperwork:

The next level of business registration Dubai is collecting and completing all legal paperwork to receive your company’s license.

The required corporation documents are:

  • Official forms of your company’s business model.
  • Copies of the company’s owner, shareholders, and local sponsors.
  • Copies of passport or VISA card of all companies’ managers and sponsors.
  • Registration fee.
  • Initial approval certificate issued by DED, applying for license application.

KWSME can provide help by completing NOC (pre-approval letter) and local service agreement with sponsors. KWSME can complete your major business registration Dubai procedure with the help of the Dubai Chamber and DED. They have the best e-system to send and receive documents within days. KWSME’s main strength is to resolve all registration processes and gives a hassle-free environment to their clients.

4- Receive Your License Updates:

KWSME has acquired the facility of helping startups to get an E-license. KWSME approval departments are the Ministry of Interior, UAE Ministry of Labour, and Dubai Health Authority. KWS can get an e-license from DED in days because they have complete authority from Dubai Courts who provides official stamps and approvals to startup businesses in Dubai.

KWSME can give you real-time updates about your license process and assist you in getting approvals from UAE central banks, the Finance-industry Ministry, Commerce Ministry, and Health Ministry depending upon the business type and license application form you submitted to DED.

5- VISA Processing:

The major business registration Dubai procedure demands VISA of the company’s owner because in UAE the policies are extremely strict for the immigrants and they must acquire Emirates ID to continue business activities. KWSME offers full service related to VISA processing in any state of UAE.

Not only for company’s owners but KWS also provides,

  • Employment VISA
  • Partner VISA
  • Family VISA

KWSME made the Dubai company registration process easier for their clients.

6- Business Office:

The procedure of registry companies in Dubai prefers to register those firms who have legal office space and business activities are not halted due to any reason. KWSME can help entrepreneurs to start their business in any free zone of Dubai. KWSME has good relations with furnished office room providers and can get you the best business office. 

7- Bank Account:

The business registration in Dubai ends with one last step and that is to create an official bank account. DED will approve the registration application when you paste transactions receipt with the form and for that bank account is necessary. KWSME has professional translators who can help you to create an account in the most trusted banks of Dubai.

KWSME gives affordable services to their clients to finalize business registration in Dubai. With all the required steps completed, KWSME will deliver your business registration documents within weeks.


Do not waste your time searching for the best consultants in Dubai to help you with all registration processes. KWSME can help you to set up and register your firm in the free zone, mainland, or even offshore. KWSME is the best in the market with professional experts to deal with your registered company in Dubai and licensing problems.

Just Visit kwsme.com to avail cost-effective packages and start your business in Dubai.


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