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Business Litigation Law Overview – Examples of Legal Disputes

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Business litigation law is quite complicated. It entails investigating possible evidence, meeting with experts, combing through hundreds of pages of legal documents, interviewing numerous witnesses, preparing and responding to many motions, and engaging in often lengthy court proceedings. The process of selecting an appropriate litigation lawyer can be intimidating for many business owners. A simple search on the Internet will provide a multitude of options. Choosing the right one can be difficult, and many factors should be considered before hiring the services of a Pitblado Law firm.

Practice areas

One factor that should be considered is the number of civil cases handled by the law firm. If the firm specializes in criminal litigation, it may not be the best choice for your litigation needs. Pitblado Law focuses its practice areas primarily on civil cases arising in the local area. Many criminal defense lawyers work in federal cases and may not be able to serve local clients. Residents should consider an Winnipeg criminal defense attorney who focuses their practices in the area.

Experienced attorneys

Another factor to consider is experienced in handling business litigation attorneys. Experience is an important factor because it indicates that the attorney has dealt with similar situations in the past. A good attorney can take an otherwise complex case and make it simple. For example, if a manufacturer of a product did not deliver on expectations, the attorney might file a claim against the company under the Product Liability Act. The act covers defective products and breaches of express warranties.

One other item to consider when looking for business litigation attorneys in Pitblado, Winnipeg, is the likelihood of success of the attorney. Experience is important, but so is knowledge about the various elements involved in such cases. Pitblado Law Firm attorneys have a long history of success representing corporations and individuals on fraud, contract disputes, commercial disputes, and more. There are many aspects of such cases that require expertise to succeed. Whether the attorney practices civil law or works under a specialty such as commercial law, they must be knowledgeable in all of these areas.

Role of the litigation lawyer in a criminal defense

The role of the litigation lawyer in a criminal defense attorney’s office is to defend the client’s case against criminal charges. The law firm also prepares documents for trials, presents closing arguments at trial, makes the argument to the jury, and asks the judge and attorneys questions for the opposing party. These actions help ensure that the legal system runs smoothly. Litigation lawyers also try cases that go to trial. This is a major source of revenue for Pitblado legal firms.

Types of cases

There are a few types of cases that Pitblado litigation lawyers generally handle. These include personal injury lawsuits, malpractice lawsuits, asbestos lawsuits, wrongful death suits, and patent infringement lawsuits. Many of these types of cases are complex, lengthy, and often time-consuming. These legal issues are usually very expensive to litigate. Thus the importance of good litigation lawyers cannot be overstated.

Insurance coverage disputes

One of the most common areas where Pitblado’s legal services are needed involves insurance coverage disputes. Insurance coverage disputes occur when an insurance company denies coverage to an individual or company. These types of cases frequently occur in the insurance industry. In some instances, companies fail to deliver on claims related to injuries or property damage for reasons such as failure to obtain necessary medical records or proof of an injury or impairment. In other instances, companies may have provided improper or incomplete documentation, which makes their coverage invalid.


Discovery is one of the most common types of litigation law in civil and criminal courts throughout the United States. Discovery is used to get information that will be used in court. The process requires a plaintiff to request information from a defendant or party in a civil or criminal court action. One of the most common types of discovery is the discovery procedure. A typical discovery procedure occurs during a court case when a party asks a defendant or party to turn over documents or information related to the case.


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