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Building Custom DIY Pizza BoxesBuilding Custom DIY Pizza Boxes

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When a person thinks about custom built or DIY pizza boxes, what comes to mind is usually an idea of either cardboard boxes stacked high with pizza and the accompanying toppings. But pizza boxes can be much more than just pretty packaging materials. There is a whole art to building custom and unique pizzas and delivering them to your customer. While a lot of the steps are the same when it comes to building or ordering custom printed boxes from a printing company in the USA, there are a few variations in packaging requirements depending where your boxes are being ordered from and for what use.

Building or Ordering Custom Printed Boxes

It is important to remember that when building or ordering custom printed boxes from a printing company in the USA, that these are for domestic use only. When building or ordering for them overseas, you will need a different type of shipping container or mailing service. International custom boxes are larger and are typically made from cardboard and have their own internal design. It is not uncommon to find them with a custom picture on the front or side of the box as well as custom lettering. All of these details are doing to maximize your ability to serve your customers with the most pleasing and attractive packaging possible.

Building your own Custom or DIY Pizza Box

As you may have guessed, when building your own custom or DIY pizza box, you need to do some basic research on building and designing the products yourself. This can be as simple as a little extra planning to make sure everything is done right and to make sure the boxes you choose are the right size and look right on arrival at your destination. There are many free resources on the internet that offer quick and easy to follow building guides or instructional videos on how to go about building your own boxes or building custom graphic designs. You can also find a large variety of pre-made graphic packages available at just about any custom box building supply store.

Choosing Custom Printed Boxes

When choosing custom printed boxes over boxes that are pre-built or ready to go, there are several different things to consider. Perhaps the most important factor is the durability of the materials being used. Many boxes today are made from thick heavy cardboard and they are designed to withstand some pretty nasty treatment. However, some newer cardboard boxes are not quite as durable as they used to be and may have less strength. Therefore, you will want to balance durability against cost when deciding which pizzeria box design and printing choice are best for you.

Level of Visual Appeal

In addition to durability, you should also think about the level of visual appeal in the boxes. While aesthetics are of course extremely personal, you will want to choose your own design. Many custom printed boxes will have a logo or a simple saying on the front. Your own personal branding may help create a sense of community among your customers. In fact, some companies have found that naming their boxes after local businesses has been a great way to market those companies to their customers.

Select Custom Pizzeria Boxes

After you have selected and printed with your custom pizzeria boxes, the last thing you need to consider is whether or not you will want to buy them and build them yourself. Many people feel that building your own boxes is a great way to save money. If you have basic carpentry skills, this can be a very rewarding way to spend a weekend. However, if you have never built a box before, it may be better for you to simply order your custom pizza boxes from a company. Building your own boxes can sometimes be a daunting task for beginners.

Choosing a Custom Box Provider

When choosing a custom box provider, you should always consider a few extra factors. You will definitely want to make sure that you are getting a good quality box. If you are ordering them online, you should also ensure that you are ordering from a reputable company. Building your own boxes from scratch can be a daunting task, so you need to choose a company that has experience in building custom boxes.

Addition of Pizza Boxes

In addition to pizza boxes, you will also need to decide what to put in them. You may want to add some custom decorations to your boxes, such as pizza logos and messages. If you want to, you can also choose the type of wood you want to use. This decision will affect the overall price of your custom pizza boxes. However, if you plan on building the boxes anyways, it may not matter too much.


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