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Build your fitted wardrobe like a personal boutique

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One of the fundamental spaces when designing a home is the wardrobe Being the space that houses your clothes, shoes, and accessories, it becomes the headquarters of your look and your style, and it is where we most often spend the first and last moment of each day.

That is why Wardrobes Birmingham is much more than just a space to organize your clothes. With the proper advice and taking into account your lifestyle, you can recreate the experience of a boutique in your own home,

creating a space of peace, beauty, functionality, and glamor.

We share some tips with which you can achieve this unique atmosphere in your Fitted wardrobes

Identify your priorities
The first step is to define your wardrobe for the season. This helps you determine not only what clothes to keep but also what accessories.

With that done, determine your style: Are you a businessman with an arsenal of suits and accessories? A high-performance athlete who needs his sports team perfectly organized? Or maybe you are a woman with some long dresses that require their own place in the closet, with enough space down? Do you need custom coat racks for your bag collection?

Separating your wardrobe into categories and recognizing what your priorities are is the key to achieving a well-organized space that works for you and no one else.

Infuse your style and personality
Once you’ve found what your lifestyle needs, it’s time to choose the finishes that speak to your personality.

In Bedroom Gallery you can find bold textures and materials such as the ultra matte Polaris, or trendy colors in High Gloss.

you can make your closet an extension of yourself and fully reflect who you are.

Establish the layout of your boutique
With your wardrobe hierarchy and closet style ready, it’s time to organize the space you have available for your closet and turn it into your personal boutique.

The first thing is to organize the “route” of your closet. That is, what garments or accessories will be at your fingertips according to your needs at all times.

For example, underwear or lotions and perfumes have to come before suits or dresses, and jewelry, ties or accessories should be left at the end, so the space must be configured in this way.

At Bedroom Gallery we have different types of wardrobes and drawers with various organization and optimization systems that can help you achieve your personal boutique without problems.

The next step: mirrors. The ideal is to have at least three full-bodied: one front and two sides. This is so you can see your style from all angles. If your wardrobe space is small, you can implement sliding mirrors between the modular ones.

Other accessories
Other items to consider include a seat or chair in the center of your closet, coat racks, wall or closet lighting, and wall or ceiling sconces for a touch of glamor.

Do not forget that, when it comes to your Fitted wardrobes, your style is what dictates the accessories and you can turn it into the space you want.

How about? Would you like to have a personal boutique in your closet? Approach the experts at Mödul and they will advise you to achieve the best result in your space and your home.

Importance of organizing your closet

Every time a new season arrives there are many people who turn the Fitted wardrobes upside down, move everything around and organize in a different way the garments that they think they will use more, what they can wear

if it rains, it is cold, it snows, it is very hot or, conversely, if it is a comfortable temperature.

Organizing your closet is an odyssey, but keeping it organized is even more so

Few cabinets are always in perfect magazine condition and many of them are sleeve by the shoulder so that no one, not even the person who has left it like that, can find what they are looking for.

If you do not have someone who is dedicated to taking care of ordering and collecting your wardrobe on a daily basis and you do not have time for it either, the best advice we can offer you is to consult the applications that we have talked about

We recommended you Fitted wardrobes that will keep your dressing room in order and you can wear a different look every day.


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