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Budget holidays destinations to visit in Dubai in 2021-22

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The common observation is, Dubai is one of the luxurious tourist attractions. Dubai is fairly over the budget many times. It is fascinating to know that Dubai is among the luxurious in the world. here, people define lavish lifestyles for the world. However, if you are thinking that budget travels are not possible in Dubai, then your observation is wrong. Dubai is very well accommodating budget travelers. Here we are going to describe some cheap holiday destinations to visit in Dubai within a low budget. With the help of this blog, the travelers will enjoy the holidays even on the minimal budget in 2021-22.

Walk Along the Dubai Canal

A person who have spent the better part of his/ her life in Dubai and must be used to the city’s dynamism. They still continued to be amazed by how Dubai has changed from its days. However, one of the best places where this really hits home is the Dubai Water Canal. It has completely changed what the cityscape looked like.

In a good weather (October to March/April), the Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, is one of the fantastic places for a stroll as well as to take in the skyline views.

Visit the Oldest Building in Dubai at The Dubai Museum

In a Dubai where everything is new and shiny, as well as getting more newer and shinier, the old and rare is worth visiting, no? however, its age is not the reason why you must head to old Dubai as well as visit the Al Fahidi Fort. It was built in 1787 as well as the oldest built structure in Dubai. Al Fahidi Fort defensive fort has been the Sheikh’s residence and a prison during its lifetime, houses since 1971 and is interesting to anyone curious regarding Dubai’s growth through the years.

Visitors get familiar with what life looked like in the Dubai in various environments- the mountains, desert, oasis, as well as along the coast. Along with this, it exhibits include books pottery, weapons, as well as documents, clothing, and jewelry. Along with this, it’s a fascinating as well as intriguing look into the Dubai of pearl divers and tailors.

Yacht rental

Do you want something different, just book a yacht and spend some quality time on the yacht? Here is the best chance to rent a yacht with affordable packages. Make your Dubai tour more memorable. Enjoy delicious meal with various cuisines on the yacht. It is fascinating to know that yacht rental Dubai also offers multiple deep-sea activities to double the fun. If you want something special within a budget, rent a yacht and enjoy.

See the World at Global Village

Global village is a family-friendly festival park. It is one of the rare Dubai attractions that exists from the several years. There is a great need to know that, the festival park goes on from November to April every year. It has only grown in scale as well as in terms of attractions. If you visit Dubai during these months, it should be high up on the list of cheap, fun as well as family-friendly things to do in Dubai.

Inside the massive space, you will find pavilions set up by more than 70 countries. Along with this, each of these pavilions feature stalls selling merchandise, from clothes, jewelry as well as shoes to household items. Moreover, it also includes, décor, also food products, furniture and cosmetics.

World of Flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most amazing spots in Dubai. At the entrance fee of 50 dirhams, you can’t really decide if it’s cheap, however, for what it’s worth, it doesn’t qualify as expensive either.

If you are visiting a miracle garden between November and May, then head to see more than 150 million flowers and flower-sculpted arches, structures, palaces, as well as arrangements that are only be described as fantastical. Along with this, there is also a floral clock, sculptures made entirely out of flowers.

Both, the kids and adults will love the Disney Avenue as well as the 18m high Mickey Mouse. It is considered as the world’s largest topiary structure. Furthermore, there are the insta-famous passages along with heart and butterfly-shaped arches.

Have an Epic Beach Day

Kite Beach is considered one of the most favorite free-to-enter spots in Dubai. It is where you will find the people spending their most weekends during the cooler months. Kite Beach is a public beach as well as Dubai’s largest beach on the Jumeirah coastline.

The beach is open round the year, but it is liveliest between October and when the weather cools down. It is the reason why the cool kids, yogis, and regular people come to hang. If you want to remain in budget in a Dubai trip, Kite beach is one of the coolest things to add in your list.

There are also beach loungers but you can bring your towels, umbrellas, and beach chairs too in order to enjoy the sun, sand and water. However, if you like the idea of beach time, it is also the most fun as well as cheap or free family activities in Dubai.

Along with this, if you want to walk along the water in the direction of the Burj Al Arab, you come upon the quieter Sunset Beach that is considered one of Dubai’s best sunset spots. On Kite Beach, there is plenty of food and cafés at reasonable prices. For your information, Kite beach also offers activities such as volleyball, yoga as well as some fitness events.

Wander around City Walk

Dubai’s popular hip, urban districts, City walk is best explored especially in the evenings. The architecture is interesting- a mix of contemporary sensibilities as well as sleek design, made better by featuring street art. Bear in consideration, the notable artists were invited from all over the world.

Expect boutiques selling, art and design as well as niche chocolatiers, cafés and restaurants with al fresco seating looks out on the lively pedestrian. However, if you’re on a budget, walk around as well as enjoy the free live entertainment that is often found here. If you are in the mood to dine, choose from restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. Furthermore, if you are visiting with a group or family, it’s worth checking out Hub Zero for a few hours of activities.

See the World’s Biggest Fountain

You will see that Dubai loves fountains they are outside hotels as well as in financial districts and malls and outside the Dubai Opera, possibly everywhere they can be. However, when you are in Dubai, don’t miss the world’s biggest fountain that is Palm Fountain on Palm Jumeirah, shaped archipelago home to beautiful beaches and malls. 

The multi-colored Palm Fountain is over 14,000 sq. ft of seawater and performs choreographed dancing fountain shows g, shooting water up to 105m in the air. This three-minute shows with free to watch, take place every 30 minutes with a different song, from 6pm to 10.30pm on weekdays.

Dinner at Dhow Cruise

You have the best chance to enjoy the glittering skyline of Dubai on the open deck of the Dhow Cruise as well as relish the lip-smacking cuisine at the lower Air-Conditioned deck along with entertainment, dance or music. The two-hour Dhow cruise is one of the must things to do in Dubai.

Visit a Mosque with the Sheikh Mohammed

If you are interested in learning regarding the local culture and the religion, visiting the Grand Jumeirah Mosque along with the SMCCU is recommended. For only 25 dirhams, you get a guided tour of the mosque. Here is also the best chance to ask all the questions you have about the religion as well as culture in a safe, and friendly space. You are treated to tea, dates, coffee or traditional pastries.


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