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How to Resolve Brother Printer Update Error

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Brother is a famous Japanese industry known for manufacturing advanced printers. These devices provide a simple platform so the user can easily set them up with other devices. Brother printers are very reliable and you can work with these printers without any worry. But sometimes, users may face a Brother Printer Update Error. 

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Update Error

  1. Your Brother printer software is corrupted
  2. Network connection error
  3. Malware infection
  4. The device is dealing with runtime error
  5. System junk in interrupting the update process

Troubleshooting Brother Printer Update Error

Restart the PC

When the update process of your Brother printer is showing an error, restart the system. The updating process may get interrupted by some runtime error. While updating, if any other process interrupts with it, the update process fails. You can try restarting the system as it may fix all your runtime errors. After restarting, don’t run another process. Go to the Brother printer software and update it. After updating, the user can easily work with his printer. Provide a power restart to the printer. Remove its power cable and reconnect it. After the power restart, search the printer on PC and take the printouts.

Check the Internet Connection to the Brother Printer

People face update issues when the internet is not working. Open the browser and try to load the pages. When the internet is not working, wait for some time. In case the system is connected to the internet but is not smooth then search for a stable connection. For installing the update of the Brother printer driver, you require a stable network otherwise the update data packets won’t install correctly. Try updating your software when the internet is smooth.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Sometimes, the user can face driver update errors due to some unknown reasons. When you face the Brother printer update error, run the troubleshooter. Your Windows troubleshooter will start inspecting the files which can cause the error. You will find the printer troubleshooter on the Update and Security tab. Run the printer troubleshooter and it will repair all the files. Once the files are repaired, restart the computer and then retry to update Brother software.

Update your OS

Many times, users face the update error on software when the OS is outdated. Users must keep this OS updated otherwise, the system may face many errors. Go to the PC and open its update tab. Tap on Check for updates button and your PC will start inspecting for the new update. After updating the computer, you should go to the device and try to update the Brother driver.

Try Reconnect the Brother Printer Driver

Sometimes the user updates the driver but still shows the update error. If you have installed the update but it is still showing an error then you should reconnect the PC to the printer. Go to the printer and reset it. Once you reset the Brother printer, configure it with the PC again.

  1. Go to your Brother printer and select Initial Setup
  2. Use arrow keys and tap on the Reset option

Select the Factory Reset option and then tap on the Reset button. Now wait and your Brother printer will restart with the inbuilt settings. Go to the computer and open the Printers folder. Click on Add Printer option and choose Brother printer. Type Brother Printer Default Admin Password and then the printer will get connected to the system. Give the command and then check for Brother update error.

Remove junk from the computer

Some junk files can interrupt the updating process of the user. Go to the device and then inspect for files that can cause the error. Delete the temp files and then try to update your Brother printer. If the driver update process is still interrupting then try running junk cleaner. This Windows tool will inspect the junk on the system and remove it. Run cleanmgr and wait to complete. After deleting the junk, restart the system to apply the changes. Open your Brother printer driver and tap on the Update button. 

Scan the PC for Malware

A computer malware infection can corrupt your various processes. Whenever you face a Brother driver update error. Close all processes and open your antivirus. Click on the Full Scan option and wait. Once you remove all the viruses then update the driver and use the printer. 


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