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Bright tips on how to make sure that your big clients pay invoices on time

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In this article, check out the statistical fact below before discussing some ways or tips to get the pay invoices on time from clients using online payment processing software.

According to a survey and analysis from Fundbox, Late payments concern 64 percent of small companies. When you bill a big company using time-tracking software, the invoices go through a long phase and pass through several desks before being paid. If anything goes wrong in the way, the transaction will be halted and payments delayed.

Many companies are now using tools like online invoicing software and accept invoice payments online software to manage businesses’ financial activity.

Bright tips on how to make sure that your big clients pay invoices on time

Don’t miss out on the following information to help you recover your payments on time, whether using online billing or payment processing software.

1. Be clear and transparent with the payment terms from day 0

Setting payment conditions from the start is a simple way to enable a customer to pay an invoice on time. Including them in the deal, written conversations, and, most importantly, the invoice itself.

If you are using any invoice generator or time tracking software, you can insert payment terms in the invoice, such as:

· The payment will be due in 60 days from the invoice date.

· On August 15, payment was due.

Clients should know payment plans and the amounts due at each point. You can also use online payment processing software irrespective of your business segment.

2. Make it easy for the clients to pay the invoice

It is essential to provide a detailed, easy-to-understand invoice to be billed on schedule. You don’t want a customer to be delayed because they don’t know how much they owe exactly what they are asking for.

Check for errors, and use models with tidy formats that define all specified goods or services.

The knowledge about whether to file an invoice differs. If your invoice is weekly or biweekly, data shows that invoices submitted on the weekend are charged more quicker.

Use a clever invoice design or an invoicing app to simplify this step.

3. Please verify that you are working with the correct individual when pay invoices come to the payment

Are you invoicing a large corporation? Check that the invoices are being sent to the correct person. Should you pay invoices to the usual point of touch or someone in finance? Inquire with your contact about who may get the bill and how.

You can use billing or time tracking software with in-built functionality where company details are saved and the correct information of the person you are dealing with for payments.

4. Establish strong client relationships that will help a lot

It is not an easy remedy, but maintaining a good partnership with your customer would help you have your invoices charged on time. A strong collaboration allows things easy to follow through as an invoice approaches the due date and makes the customer more sensitive.

Have a personal bond with your customer by exchanging personal details about yourself and occasionally letting your discussions veer off-topic. If at all necessary, meet in person.

5. Remind your client with a pleasant tone

Have a note in the planner and follow up with clients on an invoice. Don’t be scared to submit an email; clients always get distracted and forget. They’ll be grateful for the reminder. A helpful reminder often shows customers that you’re a specialist who stays on top of things.

You can communicate with them by email one week before the invoice’s due date. Accept invoice payments online software, an auto-reminder for invoices if your payment term is 45 days. You can remind the client about the payment one week or just three days before.

6. Incorporate Simple-to-Use Payment Methods

It is critical if you want to receive payment on schedule. At the bottom of the invoice, after the conditions, specify the payment methods you accept. You can drop your bank details for direct transfer or your PayPal link if you are dealing with an international client.

You may like to ask the customer what payment form they want. They may choose to pay via credit card or by e-transfers online. The use of online payment processing software is a blessing here.

Wrap Up

So, it was all about some smart tips to get paid on time. Still, it may vary concerning which industry you operate in. Looking at the current scenario – using digital technology such as online payment processing software and accepting invoice payments online software is a must.


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