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Know-How to Break PDF Into Pages? Complete Guide

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Do you want to break pdf into pages? With the solution discussed below, you can split PDF into Pages easily, you can extract pages from PDF files without file formatting or data loss issue.

People usually split PDF files into pages to overcome oversized PDF files issues. Because large PDF files could push you towards unfavorable situations like – data loss, corruption, accidental deletion of files and large files are difficult to access.  So, for the better management of PDF data splitting PDF files into smaller parts is the best move. Now, without a single moment let’s discuss the possible workarounds for splitting large PDF files into pages.

Solution to Break PDF into Pages

By Free Online Services

Several free online services are available to break pdf into pages. But these free solutions have several disadvantages and risks associated with it. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Chances that the security of your file becomes compromised.
  • Large amount of time is required to split large size PDF files.
  • More chances of data loss.
  • Internet connection is needed, if you do not have a proper connection then you are not able to split your PDF files.

One-Stop Solution to Break PDF Into Pages

PDF split software is the best and simple-to-use application with different splitting options. You can break your PDF file by size, page number, page range, even pages, odd pages, and each page:

  • By Size: Using this option you can break the PDF file into sections based on the size you specify.
  • By Page: Number: With this option users can extracts specific pages from a PDF document.
  • By Page Range: this option allow users to extract a specific range of pages from a large PDF file. For this you only need to provide the specific range of PDF pages to save them as a separate file.
  • By Odd Pages: Using this option, you can create a new PDF file containing the odd page numbers of the file.
  • By Even Pages: this option separate all pages of PDF with even number of pages.
  • Split PDF by Each Page: With this option you can split each page of a PDF file or simply split PDF into single pages.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Adobe acrobat PDF file. Users can easily install and run this tool on Windows and Mac machine.

Let’s see how efficiently this tool works:

This PDF Splitter Software provides simple and easy to use interface that helps you to easily split PDF files. Follow the below discussed steps to do so:

1. Install and run the tool on your local PC

2. Using the Add files/ Add folder option add the PDF files you want to split into pages

3. Choose split by each page option and browse the location to save the resultant files

4. In the end, click on the Split option to proceed with the splitting process

5. As the process completed successfully, you will get a confirmation message, simply hit the ok button.

Final Words

Splitting PDF files is a good move as it is difficult to manage, share, and print an oversized PDF. However, users can break pdf into pages using the free online services, but it is not a recommended way because the security and formatting of your file become compromised in one wrong step. To eliminate all the risks it is suggested to use the suggested PDF splitter software.


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