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Bow Ties 101: Everything you must know about

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Bow ties have their significance in the fashion world besides normal neckties as it adds tonnes of elegance to your fashion sense whether you wear a suit or shirt. 

You can wear bow ties as a formal or high influence like celebratory situation. 

But, before you wear it, note down that a single misstep while wearing it can lead you from highly influencing to a laughable cute. So, this article will guide you to the ultimate style of wearing bow ties

It is especially for those who think wearing a tie is like hanging a lash and looks less inspiring. A bow tie enters the style segment to give you a different look and perspective in this scenario.

Let’s discuss the different options of bow ties available.

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

Self-tie bow ties are freestyle bow ties that significantly increase your charm if you wear them with a proper match shirt and an overall dress that makes sense. Learning about how to tie a bowtie is not a big deal. It only needs a little practice and patience. Self-tie has a natural look and classic style.

Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre-tie is similar to self-tie with a flexible and adjustable band. It is easy to use with no pain, and its size is compact and adjustable. It is the most suitable for kids or children. 

The Clip-on Bow Tie

A metal hook attached with it clips on the shirt’s collar. This type of tie is best suited for younger children.

The best part of wearing a Bow tie is hardly ever wrong to wear, as it can be wear as evergreen like you can wear it with a formal, semi-formal, and even with a casual dress.

Different shapes of bow tie

The bow tie has a different shape and size in the context of width and length and some other parameter that gives it a different look you must know about.

The Butterfly Bow Tie

The butterfly bow tie comes in a thistle shape which looks like an arrow from both ends. It is one popular bow tie best suited for any ceremony or event; you can wear it as a beginner.

The Big Butterfly Bow Tie

The big butterfly is commonly popular as the jumbo butterfly because of its large size. It is most suitable for those who are taller. You may wear it with formal or fancy dress competitions. If you are not taller enough, avoid using the big butterfly bow tie. Otherwise, you will look like a cartoon as it is larger and extra conical in shape from both ends.

The Batwing Bow Tie

This type of bow tie is batwing in shape, also called the slim or straight bow tie. It is the smallest in size, but it has a rectangular strip longer in length when it is untied. The end part of the batwing bow tie has a flat end.


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