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Boosting Online Gaming: The Power of AI, VR, Cloud and 5G

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Innovations in every aspect of the world do not seem to stop. New and emerging technologies such as AI, VR, Cloud and 5G start to dominate the online gaming scene.

They have all progressed on their own merits and timeline. It is difficult to predict what exactly the future hold, but one thing is for sure – there is plenty to be excited about.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at these aspects and how they slowly transform the world of online gaming.

AI In Gaming

Artificial Intelligence is a concept that was used in video games for a very long time. A short definition of AI would be a simulation of human intelligence that is processed by machines.

There are plenty of areas in the world where AI is used, but online gaming is an aspect that has come a long way.

The purpose of AI in gaming is to provide all players with a unique, but realistic gaming experience in their battles against each other. New and better games that use AI hit the market all the time, and we are all there to see all those improvements.

VR Casino Games

Virtual Reality is a concept that revolutionizes e-commerce, but that is not the only impacted sector. Online casino enthusiasts will love that software providers work on VR slots.

These games are very young and there are not tons of them around, but we strongly expect them to be a big hit in the iGaming scene in the coming years.

VR has the potential to transform the experience of playing online slots from a passive to an immersive and interactive activity. Using VR, players can enter a virtual casino where they can interact with the game and other players in a more realistic and engaging manner.

For example, instead of just clicking on buttons to spin the reels, players can use hand gestures and body movements to perform actions within the game. They can explore the virtual casino, walk around and interact with other players, and even chat with them in real time.

There are people who believe that VR slots will never pick up, but we are on the other side. It is still early days, but the signs are very promising.

If game providers use the right tools, they have all the ingredients to create a winning product that will be a big factor in the online casino world.

Cloud Gaming

Up next, we have Cloud Gaming, another very interesting aspect of online gaming in general. Cloud gaming works very simply – it is a type of online gaming that will run your games on a remote server.

These games will then be streamed directly to your device, so you will literally play your preferred game remotely from a cloud.

What About 5G?

Finally, let’s take a closer look at 5G, something that everyone seems to talk about these days. Essentially, it is a faster internet connection that will see you experience much more limited lag whenever you play your favourite game.

Whenever you experience a lag, other players suffer from it as well, but 5G removes it all. It creates a level playing field, so more and more players will start gaming.

This also applies to online casino games, as a faster internet connection will ensure you have a much better gaming experience, especially when you play live dealer games.


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