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5 ways to boost your Instagram engagement

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Do you have a low level of Instagram engagement and wish to boost it? Follow our advice to learn how to “win” on Instagram, cooperate with brands, and maintain a positive reputation. It should be mentioned right away that having a large number of Instagram followers is not as important as having a high level of engagement. You can enhance and increase your Instagram profile by tracking and monitoring your engagement. If your followers aren’t responding to your postings, you’ll need to find a solution that can help you increase engagement.

What has changed in terms of Instagram engagement?

It’s no secret that since the introduction of the new Instagram algorithm, posts with significant engagement (likes, comments, shares, and so on) have been able to rank higher than the least considered posts. When a post obtains a big number of likes or comments, the system interprets these signals as high-quality indicators.

Given that Instagram has higher engagement rates than any other social media marketing platform, we’ve discovered a few ways for beating the system and increasing Instagram interaction. Instagram has rapidly developed with the addition of new features that have altered the platform, and even the idea of “engagement” has been re-examined. Instead of focusing solely on Instagram likes and comments on individual photo postings, you should rethink your account engagement as a whole.

The following are five tips for increasing Instagram engagement:

#1. Create superfans with Instagram Stories highlights.

If you want to enhance your Instagram engagement, focusing on your most active Instagram followers is a great place to start. It’s a calculated move that allows you to convert your supporters into superfans. What am I supposed to do? Use Instagram Stories Highlights to produce highlighted material within your Instagram profile, whether it’s personal or professional. They’re a great way to communicate with your consumers in a more natural and spontaneous way, whether they’re active or potential customers.

They include a number of intriguing features for attracting new followers, such as hashtags that allow you to engage in the tale, geotags that are required to be a part of a specific storey, and surveys that can assist excite the community by asking questions and voting. Create various categories of highlights, and invite your fans to spend more time on your business, view your material, and learn more about your products or services.

In just a few minutes, you can turn your Instagram profile into a valuable resource that your fans will return to again and again. This strategy is known as Brand Engagement in social media marketing services. You can try to enhance user involvement by persuading them to interact with the brand to help it succeed. Free downloads, blog entries, pdf handouts, presentations, ebooks, and trip guides can all be developed as part of this plan. The options are literally limitless!

#2. Make full use of Instagram’s features.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritises accounts that use all of the platform’s features in 2018. Experiment with carousel posts or build a survey in your Instagram Stories, which is a minor approach that you probably aren’t aware of. Instagram, with its rapid introduction of new features, allows you to use visual material to compel your audience to take action. Consider the fact that FedEx’s Instagram account concentrates on graphic information related to the carriers that the corporation uses to deliver its packages. Their Instagram account is a blend of extremely captivating artistic photography.

# 3: Create an Instagram business profile.

Instagram company profiles allow you to learn more about your target audience and the types of content they love, allowing you to generate even more engaging posts! Additionally, Instagram business profiles have access to a variety of extra features, including:

Add links to Instagram Stories: Accounts with 10,000 or more followers can use “scrolling” links to engage their audience and drive traffic.

Instagram shopping: in your Instagram posts, identify specific products.

Schedule Instagram posts to publish automatically: save time by scheduling posts to be published automatically on Instagram.

Increase the number of likes and comments on your Instagram posts by sharing them with a specific audience or by running ads to get Instagram followers or sell your items.

Instagram Insights is an area of your account dedicated to statistics about your Instagram activities. As a result, you’ll have access to vital information on your company’s followers.

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# 4: Make impromptu plans for your posts

You must communicate with other Instagram accounts if you want to increase your Instagram engagement. The Instagram planning post saves you many hours of effort per week, allowing you to devote more time to daily content production, Instagram Stories, and following and commenting on other people’s posts from your account.

There is a tool called InstaGo Bot, which is an internet programme that allows you to programme your posts, write professional captions, and connect your account to cloud services, among other things. It can be activated via the management panel.

# 5: Post Instagram stories on a regular basis.

Instead of focusing on the likes, one of the best ways to enhance Instagram interaction is to concentrate on the views. Instagram Stories is quickly becoming the most popular social media network, but many businesses have yet to realise the full potential of the platform.

Being consistent and publishing on a regular basis, preferably every day, is one of the greatest methods to do this. When employed as a potent marketing tool and business promotion, Instagram stories are a collection of 15-second photographs or videos that remain accessible for only 24 hours. They are capable of reporting a given task in a lot more informal style than posts in the feed.

New fonts, GIFs, and selfie filters have recently been introduced to the Instagram Stories feature. Follow publication logic and brand consistency, use an editorial plan to assist you, update it everyday, and don’t improvise! Keep in mind that even Instagram Stories should be thoroughly examined!

If you want to enhance your Instagram engagement but haven’t been able to do so despite the efforts and information provided, don’t hesitate to call us.


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