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Boho Rugs: Get Set To Bring Bohemian Arts & Influences At Home

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Welcome to the world where the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and free-spirited creativity rule freely. We welcome you to the realm of boho rugs! These floor coverings bring in the taste of boho arts as well as influences into your home. No matter if you are a lover of eclectic design or possess a liking for wanderlust in your space, it is always better if you choose boho rugs to infuse  warmth, texture, and personality into your room.

Therefore, in this blog post we shall explore the variety of boho rugs that are available and help you build an enchanting oasis in your dream home. So, lets start and look out how the rugs can change your living space in a beautiful dream-like space.

Boho Rugs: What Are They?

Boho rugs are also known by the name bohemian and hippie rugs. They are considered as one of the creative, free-spirited as well as free-styled rugs. The floor coverings are very unique and are characterised by the bold colors, the intricate designs as well as rich textures. All these gives out an air of effortless charm.

Mixed Patterns:

One of the most defining features of beautiful boho rugs is that they are made of mixed patterns. Right from beautiful geometric shapes to lovely floral motifs to tribal symbols, each rug has their own story to tell as they have their own story that is woven with perfection.

Materials: Talking about materials, the boho rugs often are made of natural fibers like jute, hemp, or wool. All these materials, adds warmth and texture as well as goes up with the eco-conscious mindset which is mostly associated with the bohemian lifestyle.

So we suggest you to not settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within your reach. These rugs possesses endless possibilities for self-expression as well as creativity within your living space. These rugs are made to transport you to a land far-far away and at the same time add warmth as well as personality in your home’s interior.

The Different Types of Boho Rugs

There are a wide variety of styles as well as designs to the boho rugs and each has its own charm. Right from bold patterns to intricate weaves, there is always something or the other for every lover of bohemian patterns. Let us check the type of boho rugs one by one:

The Moroccan Rug: This is one popular type of boho rug and features beautiful geometric patterns as well as vibrant colors which provides an instant touch of exoticism.

The Kilim Rug: This is another type of boho rug and has its origins in Turkey. These rugs are flat-woven and are most in richer colors and intricate motifs.

Jute Rugs: Now, those of you who prefer a look that is more natural, the jute or sisal rugs are a big option. These rugs are manufactured out of plant fibers and possess a rustic appeal which complements the bohemian aesthetics in a perfect way. The jute rugs are mostly available in cream color. Cream colored rugs in jute material is not only eco-friendly but is also in demand most of the time.

Overdyed Rug: And, if you wish to create a bold statement, consider looking for an overdyed rug as they have a certain dyeing process which brings out a bright and vibrant color saturation while at the same time maintaining the original pattern beneath.


In the fast-paced living conditions of today, adding a boho touch in our lives and homes can be quite refreshing.They can infuse your home space with bright and vibrant colors, unique patterns as well as at the same time provide a sense of artistic freedom.

Now you might be wondering where to buy boho rugs. There are multiple options available for this. You can explore flea markets or the vintage stores. There are online retailers as well who specialise in artisanal rugs from around the globe. You just need to be careful to choose a reputed seller who deals in craftsmanship and sources their products through honest means.


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