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Body Back Buddy – An Effective Tool for Immediate Muscle Pain Relief

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The Body Back Buddy is a massager designed to apply direct pressure to tender and painful muscle points. When pressure is applied to these areas, pain in the major muscle groups is relieved.

There are 3 sizes for small, medium and large people. It has 11 buttons that stimulate the muscles and identify the trigger points. It’s designed to be lightweight, durable, convenient, and easy to use, and it truly is the ultimate self-massage tool. Spa in Al Rigga

So how do you use a Body Back Buddy effectively? Well, it’s pretty easy and straightforward. Just hang the massage tool on your shoulder or side. Hold it comfortably by the handles or frame so that the therapy buttons easily touch the affected areas. Move away from your body with your lower or outer hand while guiding the therapy button with your other hand. This leverage technique will create self-directed pressure on the affected muscle areas. You can use this massage therapy to relieve pain in your legs, arms, feet, chest, hips, and back. It is very versatile and allows you to hit any muscle from many different angles. Actually, there are hundreds of ways to use this device. Take the time to experiment and find out what will work best for you.

Pressure is comfortable for you

Place the buttons on the sore spots around the muscle and apply whatever pressure is comfortable for you. Usually, ten to thirty seconds is enough to trigger a healing response. This device measures 26 “long, 11” wide at the widest curve, and 9 “wide at the smallest curve.

The Body Back Buddy is a massager designed to apply direct pressure to tender and painful muscle points. When pressure is applied to...

You can hit 2 points at a time with the double buttons. You can use the double knobs to sit just below the shoulder blades. You can also reach the outside of your thigh without tiring with this device. It’s also easy to reach into the palms of your feet and put pressure on them.

The Body Back Buddy is great for putting pressure on your back and other areas of your body. It is not a relaxing device, but a powerful therapeutic tool for pain relief. This auto massager can cost around $ 30 and up, depending on the size, material, and where you buy it.

Tips to Work the Legs During a Massage

In full body massage, you will find that the massage process will spend time focusing on those tense muscles so that they can bring true relaxation to your entire body. For now, this article will give you several tips to work your legs during a massage. So, just check out the tips below and get the great benefits.

First of all, know that the legs work to support the weight of our entire body. Therefore, it is very important to fully work the legs during the full body massage. You can apply oil or lotion and start at the ankle and then work your way up to the hip. Your touch should be light and then you can lower your leg.

Second, you need to lift your leg, kneading with your palms as you stand up. After that, it can go slightly to the back of the knee. Then you need to apply deeper pressure to the clamp.

Third, you need to turn the client over, and then you can massage the front of the leg, starting with the feet again. Then you can separate the calf muscle from the bone to gently stretch it.

Fourth, the knee should be massaged by supporting the back of the knee and it should also be gently massaged around it several times. Body Massage in Al Barsha

Finally, you need to knead well. Then you can finish the massage with gentle movements throughout the leg. So by following various tips above, you can now get the maximum benefits from massage. Also, you can also try using a massager if you want a simple massage technique.


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