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Boat Airdopes 441 Pro V/s Boult Airbass

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Today in this video let’s do a comparison between a couple of truly wireless earphones is the Boat Airdopes 441 Pro V/s Boult Airbass Powerbuds. Let’s get going as well as for this comparison I will divide it into four parts that are the design, build quality and comfort the battery life, the latency, and the sound quality. so let started.


Firstly as for the design both the earphones are designed almost similar and are lightweight although the boat are slightly heavier of the bunch .the eartips in both the earphones are angled to 45 degrees.so they can comfortably fit in your ears. It’s also worth noting that the boat comes with the ear hooks for extra ear grip but in the Boult Airbass Powerbuds you don’t get any the music can be controlled by the touch area on both the earphones which works fine but with the bolt you have the ability to control the volume as well which is not present in the boat both ipx7 water and sweat resistant and I feel both the earphones performed well in this regards as for the comfort. i felt the boat was slightly more comfortable than the bolt power buds but using either one of them. i didn’t face much of an issue even after long hours.

 Build quality:

the case and the earbuds are both made up of polycarbonate which is good enough in both the earphones .the silicon tips are also for good quality and looks to be durable in both so as for the design and the build quality it’s a tie but for the comfort i would give a slight edge to the Boat Airdopes 441 Pro secondly.

Battery life:

The battery life with the boat 441 pro i managed to get around 5 hours of music playback on the earbuds alone and around 140 hours combined with the charging case which has a 2 600 mah battery whereas with the bolt power buds i got around 4 hours of music playback on the earbuds alone and around 120 hours combined with the charging case which has a 2200 mah battery both the earbuds charging case can be used as a power bank in emergency situations and they work fine both have usb type-c charging ports and can charge in approximately 1.5 hours so for the battery life i would again give a slight edge to the boat 441 row compared to the bolt power buds


the latency i was a bit surprised here while playing games with both 441 pros I felt a very slight lag in the audio synchronization but with the bold power buttons I didn’t notice anything so for the latency I would give it to the bolt power bud. If you would like to read about the other Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 3000 please click here.

sound & Bass quality:

The sound quality talking about the boat first they sound really good and work very loud as well or you get thumping bass with these earphones and if you’re a bass lover then you would love this but mind you the bass gets a bit exaggerated at higher volumes for bass-heavy songs and the vocals get kinda lost in it the mids and highs were also good and the vocals sounded nice as well the call quality was fine and I didn’t face any issues so although I was impressed with the sound quality of the boat 441 pro.

The bolt power bars were surprisingly good as well although the sound on these don’t get as loud as compared to the boat they sound good in a noisy environment, you might face some problem listening to music I really wish they sounded a bit louder though as for the bass I would say it was of a required amount and balanced there was no sound distortion so nor vocals getting lost even at higher volumes the mid sun high sounded fine with the cloud instrument separation and the quality on the bolt was also good to my liking and I didn’t face any issues here.

So collusion

So finally as for my verdict, i would say the Boat Airdopes 441 Pro V/s Boult Airbass Powerbuds gets slightly ahead of the Boult Airbass Powerbuds because of its impressive sound quality and good comfort the bolt power buds are really good as well with good latency and balance sound comparatively but I really wish they sounded a little louder and had a slightly better sound stage.


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