5 Blended Learning Tips And Tricks To Engage Your Learners

Blended Learning

Blended learning is not a new concept, its popularity has grown as more and more L&D professionals and developers are adapting their training strategies. 

If you are an eLearning professional and want to implement fresh approaches to your training strategies then blended learning is a must-have training strategy.

In this article, you will learn five blended learning tips and tricks to engage your learners.

Blended Learning For Your Online Training

To apply blended learning to your online training, blended learning helps you in coming up with some fresh ideas. From eLearning challenges to provide engaging content to the learners, blended learning has come a long way.

Blended learning is the key to keep the learning experience fresh and makes your training powerful and engaging. Let’s see the five blended learning tricks you can implement to engage your learners and boost your eLearning.

Implement Assessment Session With Your Training 

If your learners are not engaging with your courses or leave your platform immediately after completing the courses or training then implementing an assessment session is the key to keep your learners engaged. Instead of spending valuable face-to-face time teaching, create an assessment session so that learners can practice and retain the training for a longer time. When learners find the assessment courses along with the training then they engage more and stick to your platform.

Introduce Live Q&A Session

Here’s another chance to win the hearts of learners. Introducing live Q&A attracts the learner’s attention and keeps them engaged even after completing the training.  If possible, host a live session with an expert in your niche who has a deeper understanding or knowledge. It attracts a majority of learner’s attention and a Q&A session with an expert easily removes all doubts and queries of the learners. It gives you a sense of what learners want to learn and where your training needs to be adjusted.

Make Your eLearning Social 

Enabling social learning is a way to attract the attention of learners. Social learning generates interaction among the learners and enables peer support in self-paced eLearning. Enabling social learning can be as simple as hosting a discussion thread within your LMS. Social media groups provide ongoing opportunities to discuss and learn from each other. Learners can ask questions or post their experiences or thoughts for better learning.

Implement Scenario-Based Learning

Connecting your training with a real-life scenario or providing emotionally connected training in front of the learners keeps them engaged throughout the learning. Learners are more likely to remember information when they learn with a concern of emotion and something that connects them to their personal life. Story-based learning provides a deeper understanding of its value and it will make the training more memorable.

Mobile-Friendly Training Courses

Today’s don’t want to learn from the long plain text of Information. They need training courses that are easier to access and easy to remember. Mobile-enabled learning makes your training accessible and less intimidating for less tech-savvy learners. Mobile learning courses make your training platform can be accessed via mobile device to boost employee engagement. These types of courses can be accessed on-the-go from anywhere and everywhere.


Blended learning makes your training strategy effective and enriches learners’ engagement rate. It becomes more compelling and engaging when you design your eLearning keeping a balance between in-person and self-paced learning courses. Keep experimenting with your training strategies so that learners can come across different learning modes.

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