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Blackout curtains buying guide 2021

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If lighting is essential in a home, light can also be a nuisance at times. One of the greatest pleasures in life is sleeping comfortably in your bed without noise or clarity or watching a movie in your living room as if it were a movie theater.

The best brands of blackout curtains

Today, IKEA is the queen of blackout curtains, its models are incredible, but brands such as Imperial Rooms or Amazon Basics have been going strong. Their sound quality items generally distinguish these brands at affordable prices. Other lesser-known brands such as Songmics, Beautissu, or Umi also offer exciting models.

Blackout Curtains Brands:

  • Imperial Rooms
  • Leroy merlin
  • Deconovo
  • Beautiful
  • Home Maison
  • AmazonBasics
  • Heimtexland
  • Frenessa
  • Bedbasics
  • PimpamTex
  • Albani
  • Curtina
  • Lovely House
  • Moondream

What are blackout curtains or foscurit curtains?

Blackout or foscurit curtains are like classic curtains but made of an opaque material that manages to isolate the light from the outside without having to lower the blinds.

It is generally used in homes that do not have blinds or have very large windows. This type of ready-to-hang curtains allows you to avoid costly installation work as it is a simple accessory to regulate the brightness of a house.

The blackout curtain can also be used in professional environments. It is beneficial for darkening a meeting room during a video presentation. In addition, we can find blackout curtains in hotels, restaurants, bars, and establishments where we seek a quiet and intimate atmosphere.

Thermal and acoustic insulation is also a great advantage. The curtain can reduce noise pollution, but it also provides better thermal insulation to the room. In this way, it will improve your comfort and especially your pocket by reducing the home’s energy consumption. Like all curtains, blackout models do not neglect the decorative side. It can give a touch of glamor to your living room when you are not using it. There are models available in all colors, stamped and made to measure. Some models are double-curtain or double-sided. That is, they are equipped with a thermal curtains lining to improve insulation capacity.

Functioning and materials Blackout Curtains

To filter the light, blackout curtains mainly use a thick fabric of black yarn. The weight of the materials is at least 230 g / m². To optimize opacity and insulation, manufacturers do not hesitate to use multiple layers of fabric. In general, two or three coats are enough to contain up to 95% of the light.

Models with three overlapping fabrics have an insulating layer that helps improve thermal and acoustic insulation. This insulating layer is made of polyester, like the outer layers. This material is chosen for several reasons:

  • Is light
  • It is resistant
  • It has an easy wash
  • Insulates noise and heat

Fixing blackout curtains is similar to all other types of modern curtains. Today, models come with grommets to make it easy to slide the panels onto a curtain rod. If you have floating rods, they must be strong enough to support the weight of the blackout curtain. For optimal insulation, it is best to overlap the curtains.

How to choose a blackout curtain for your room?

Before buying a blackout curtain, you should choose the model that suits your needs and the room where placed.

Criteria to take into account:

  • The size of the window or door you want to cover: Measure the width and height of the window, door, or compartment to be covered. Your chosen blackout curtain will always need to be wider and longer to filter clarity effectively.
  • Your budget: prices vary greatly depending on the model, dimensions, and technical characteristics. The minimum price of a curtain can be around 15 euros. Prices can go up to a hundred euros if you choose high-end models.
  • Percentage of opacity: this criterion refers to the amount of light that is filtered by the curtain. The choice will vary according to your needs. Choose models that filter up to 95% of the morning if you want a dark room. Some models let in more light and provide a more subdued atmosphere.
  • Colors: colors play an aesthetic role, but they also help conceal light. Keep in mind that the lighter the color, the more light will pass through the curtain. There are white, black, blue blackout curtains, etc.
  • Maintenance: In general, the blackout curtain is relatively delicate. Machine wash is not recommended. You can choose to take it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning or follow the instructions on its label.


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