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Black Tie History

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Black tie, an informal semi-formal Western fashion code used to dress for formal evening social events in formal settings, was created by American and British social circles. The main garment the wearer of the tie is wearing to an evening event is called the dinner jacket or dinner suit in British English. This article covers the basics of how to tie a tie, whether it is a black tie or anything in between.

black ties

In America, the black-tie dress code has been the same for many years, where neckties are either pre-tied or “but” tied. The pre-tied necktie was considered more formal than the but-tied variety, as it left more open to movement while the but-tied were seen as being more conservative in their appearance. This was later adapted to the contemporary cocktail era, when pre-tied neckties became less acceptable, and the “but-tied” became more popular.

Black ties were traditionally worn at a lower level

With a thinner tie and a solid-colored stripe or pattern on fabric. They also had a longer time frame. This is similar to the modern-day black tie that is worn with a thin solid color stripe, a narrow cuff, and a narrow time frame. In order to prevent the tie from falling, the tie frame is typically thicker. This is the basic framework that all ties are built off of today.

In the past, tying a tie meant finding a pocket to hold the cloth, then wrapping it around the neck. Then slip the ends of the cloth through the pocket again and tie it off with a bow tie. This was known as a top pick, which simply meant that the knot was of a higher quality and would last longer. People who wore this top pick were considered more socially and politically powerful than those who didn’t. This was the most common office dress and was often given to city managers, police officers and teachers.

During the 1960s,

black ties started to be worn less often in order to adapt the “low-low” fashion trend that was popular at the time. In this fashion, a person could wear a tie that was almost identical to the shirt that they were wearing underneath their jacket. For casual occasions such as shopping downtown, black tie shirts could also be worn. Tie shirts gave the wearer an extra bit of edge and created a look that was unique to the individual wearing it. For instance, you would never see two men wearing the same tie, as they would be identified as having different purposes for the shirt.

Black tie shirts were also worn less frequently after the style took a dip in popularity. This was when more men started to dress up their casual clothes with a necktie and the black bow tie that was worn with it became less popular. Many men opted to forgo the tie in favor of neckties that come in a variety colors and designs. This brought about an entirely new category of casual dress that is known as semi-formal evening wear. Men with a more casual sense of style began to wear a wider variety of colored neckties, and they even began to experiment with ties that had more bold prints on them.

As business became more global

International travel became more commonplace, which required catering ties that were durable enough to withstand washing in hot, humid environments. International catering uniforms also had to keep pace with the ever-changing styles of the people that they had to cater to. Because of the nature of their work, caterers had to be updated on the latest fashion trends in order to look their best. A whole new range of accessories was created to achieve the perfect balance between function and form. A great way to present professionalism was to wear black ties and a white shirt with red tie slacks.

Even though black ties have been around for decades, they still hold a special place in fashion’s history. Black ties had become so well-known that many men no longer needed them. These styles were popular in the nineteen sixties or seventies when neckties with stripes and checks and black ties with a white shirt and red tie enjoyed high popularity. Black neckties have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years due to many factors, including casual wear, increased availability of casual clothing for men, and the rise in low-cost producers who offer a wide range of high-quality black ties.


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