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Black french bulldog

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Black French Bulldogs are cute and adorable, make very good companions, are great for new parents, and have a unique solid black coat that gives them a royal look. So is the Black French Bulldog a unique breed?

The Black French Bulldog is a standard French Bulldog and not a separate breed, with the only difference that their coat is completely black, which is very rare in French Bulldogs.In addition to their good looks, the black french bulldog black french bulldog are wonderful companions with minimal maintenance needs.

What is a Black French Bulldog?

The term “Black French Bulldog” refers to French Bulldogs in which the coat is completely black, without any trace of any other color and without any other markings.

Although black French are purebred, black coat color is not part of the accepted AKC breed standards and therefore black French Bulldogs cannot participate in shows and competitions. However, they are still great pets if you are not going to show your dog.

The Appearance

Apart from the black color, the black French Bulldog looks like a standard French Bulldog. They are generally short, averaging 11 to 12 inches at the withers, and their bodies are stocky and rather muscular.

The average weight of a black French Bulldog is 20 to 28 pounds. The black French have a round face with a flat wrinkled nose and bat-like ears. Sometimes black French Bulldogs have blue eyes.


Like other French Bulldogs, the Black French Bulldog has short hair that is smooth and sleek. Another distinguishing feature of black Frenchies is their loose and wrinkled skin, especially around the head and neck.

Are black French Bulldogs rare?

Black fur is very rare in French Bulldogs. It is pleasant to note that some French Bulldogs appear to be completely black, but in fact they will have some traces of brindle. They are not considered black French.

How long do black French people live?

The average lifespan of a black French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years.

Unfortunately, due to the gene responsible for solid black coats, black French Bulldogs are prone to some health problems that are not common in standard French Bulldogs. This is the reason why this color is not accepted or recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Some of the common health problems among Black French Bulldogs include:

Eye and ear problems

French Bulldogs with solid black coats, without any trace of brindle color, usually carry a gene that causes deafness, and therefore there is a high probability that your black Frenchie will go deaf at some point.

The gene responsible for solid black hair can also give your dog blue eyes, which are at high risk of developing vision problems later in life.

Von Willebrand disease

Von Willebrand disease is a condition that affects the blood’s ability to clot, resulting in excessive bleeding due to minor problems.

Some of the symptoms associated with this condition include bleeding from the gums, nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding after surgery, and excessive bleeding when the dog is in season. The condition is treatable, but there is no cure.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

This condition is caused by the shape of the head of the French Bulldog. A short nose and narrowed nostrils sometimes cause a blockage in the airways, resulting in difficulty breathing.

It is gratifying to note that these conditions will not apply to all black French people. However, if you are considering getting a black Frenchie, it is helpful to be aware of these health risks.

Exercise requirements

Black French Bulldogs do not require much physical activity, making them the best choice for people living in apartments.Taking a 15-minute walk with your black Frenchie twice a day is enough to keep your fido healthy.

Like most Bulldogs, Black French Bulldogs don’t regulate their body temperature very well, so you shouldn’t let them exercise or play outside on a hot day. Walking and exercising should be done in the morning or evening when the ambient temperature is lower.

Black Frenchies also get along well with other dogs and other pets as long as they are properly socialized. Without proper socialization, black French people can become aggressively territorial.


Black frenchie puppies are smart and learn commands quickly. However, you want the workout to be fun or the black Frenchman will show you his stubborn side, which can make your workout much more difficult.

They are quiet

Black French Bulldogs are quiet dogs that are not known to bark incessantly without a reason, there is a high chance that they want to alert you of something, such as an approaching stranger.

They are also very protective of their loved ones.

Do Black French Bulldogs Shed? Grooming Tips For Black French Bulldogs


The Black French Bulldog is an average shader, which unfortunately makes them unsuitable for people looking for a hypoallergenic dog.

Because they do not shed much, black French bulldogs will recover from occasional brushing. However, some black French brushes can be painful to brush, so you need to get in the habit of brushing them from a very young age.

You can make the brushing process more comfortable, such as a suitable brushing tool, such as the Furminator Undercoat Tool. This brushing device is designed to minimize the risk of injury to your dogo, and has a FURejector button that makes the whole process easier for you.


Due to their dark coats, Black French Bulldogs don’t get dirty quickly, and therefore, they can go for long without having to take a bath. Your black Frenchie can do with a shower every 2 months or so.

While giving your black Frenchie a bath, always remember to check their skin for any infections, parasites, or lesions.

Other Grooming Requirements

You should also regularly clean your black Frenchie’s ears, trim their nails every now and then to prevent splitting and tearing, and brush their teeth to prevent bad breath.


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