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Black and White Wallpaper – Wallpaper Over a Simple Wall Paint

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Are you confused between interior painting and using wallpaper? Well, the first method is age-old, and the latter one is in fashion. If you wish for something simple and elegant for your area, then painting is a good option for your home. However, if you search for something trendy, you can go for black and white wallpaper for your home.

 In the second preference, you can get plenty of choices. Wall paints have come up with different textures to give a refreshing look to your house interiors. If still confused about which one is chosen, read the below-mentioned points and decide. Let’s have a look at them. Here are a few of the merits and demerits of using wall paint and wallpapers.

Some Pros and Cons for Using Wallpapers and Wall Paints

Pros of Wall Paint:

  • It is less expensive as compared to wallpapers. Therefore, quite affordable.
  • There are practically no elaborate hassles to apply wall paint as compared to wallpaper.
  • If you apply paint properly, it can continue for at least two years and shine.

Cons of Wall Paint:

  • If you repeatedly scrub, the color of the paint will tend to fade away over time.
  • Any smudge or dirt will be visible on paint easily; therefore, many people avoid them.
  • Just a coat or two of wall paint is not enough to make the house look glamorous and beautiful.
  • Wall paint is primarily a short-term investment and less expensive.

After analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of paint, let us look at how paper wall decoration has the upper hand.

Pros of Wallpapers:

  • Wallpapers are expensive, but they can last for more than ten years if you use them and keep them up properly.
  • You can easily clean them with a piece of small cloth only.
  • For rooms that very often get dirty, wallpapers are an excellent fit for those rooms.
  • The patterns and designs of paper wall decoration can easily hide any smudge, blemish, or dirt, and there is no room for its color to fade away.
  • It is a long-term investment indeed.

You can visit any wallpaper importer or companies that deal in this business to know more about their features. A representative reputed company will certainly enlighten you about the benefits of wallpapers without any motive for gain.

  • Adding to this, wallpaper can make your room look fuller and vibrant. It enhances the decor of your house. For those who like to change their house decor, you can mix and match the colorful patterns.

If you visit a Wallpaper store, you can find many designs and give your room that desired perfect look. Women can go for some softer tones, while men can select vibrant-looking patterns. In conclusion, alternatives are many; it is just that you have to make the right choice.

In the end, read all these points as mentioned above about wall paint and wallpaper and make your final decision. If you believe in long–term investment, then black and white wallpaper is a pretty good choice for your home and enhances its beauty and décor. So, make the right choice for your home interior.


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