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Biggest Mistake People Make With Astrology and Their Zodiac Signs

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Many of us are aware that astrology is more than merely our sun signs. Or that we have a complete natal chart with all of the planets and a network of transits that encode a wealth of data on ourselves, our personalities, and even our fates.

Astrological transits, which occur when celestial bodies cross crucial places where planets were when we were born, are also essential in astrology.

Transits are what some refer to as the forecasting aspect of astrology.

When we see anything coming in transit which we really, truly desire, we need to remain cautious. Or maybe it’s something we’re really, really terrified of.

Whatever an astrologer predicts, it does not imply that you will do nothing to accomplish it. You must still put in the necessary hardship and effort to realize your dreams and ambitions. Because astrology and planets are all determined by your Karma. The amount of effort you put in will generate the same amount of outcomes.

Astrology may certainly offer you a basic idea about your job, love life, married life, or any other area of your future, but you must put in the necessary work to attain a similar conclusion.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 mistakes people generally do:

1– You think Astrology is all about Sun signs

Your Sun sign was most likely your first experience with astrology, despite how far along your astrological path. And that’s OK. The only problem is that you might stop here and assume it’s all that astrology is all about.

Astrology is far more complicated, and the Sun signs are only a small portion of the overall picture of your birth chart.

Astrology considers not only (Aries, Taurus, etc. ) signs, but also planets (Sun, Venus, etc.), houses (1st, 2nd, etc.), aspects (squares, conjunctions, etc.), astrological cycles, and much more!

When we consider every single one of the variables in the chart, there are hundreds, if not millions, of possible combinations. Every time the cosmos presents itself, it is unique. That is why each birth chart is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” astrological interpretation.

2- You think that “bad planets” and “good planets” exist.

If you believe Jupiter is the “good guy” and Saturn is the “bad guy,” you could be a victim of 16th-century astrology.

Not to say that this isn’t true. Yeah, Jupiter has the property of expansion, while Saturn has the property of constriction, therefore we are far more likely to “feel good” when Jupiter is in the sky.

You must not feel well during a Saturn passage – No one like hard work and discipline; we are NOT physically programmed to enjoy it; nevertheless, when you genuinely socialize with Saturn, the sense of success that Saturn provides is unparalleled. Each planet plays a unique function in the construction of a psyche and has something special to teach us!

Nothing is white & black; every “good” has its “bad,” and every “bad” exists in order to educate us about something new so that we might reach the “next level” of consciousness.

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3- You think that astrology is completely predictable

When we have too much faith in fate, we avoid taking responsibility for our lives and instead excuse everything and anything that goes wrong with “destiny” or external events. Yet if everything was predestined, it would be meaningless to be born.

We have been given the opportunity to enter into this life due to a feature inherent in our design that will enable us to exceed our destiny.

When you think about astrology as solely deterministic, you’re missing out on the great potential for self-awareness and development that it has to offer.

4- You believe you have perfect control over your actions

Nobody has complete free will. Certain transits are difficult. This is particularly prior to the initial Saturn comeback or Pluto square if we’re not yet prepared to handle the intensity of challenging transits.

Although it is true that the further we increase our awareness, the more we “master” the planets & our “destiny,” we will never be able to truly dominate everything. We all are students of life, and we continue to learn from each encounter.

We are half spirit, half Yin, half nature, half Yang, and our lives are a mystery waiting to happen. Growth takes place under the uncertainties of the 50/50 divide.

Don’t try to “win” something by using astrology. Don’t be concerned about terrible transits. Astrology is indeed a blessing from the Universe, and when we learn it with curiosity and humility, we naturally synchronize with the Universe and do the “correct thing” according to our basic human design and the co-creation chances we receive at any given time.

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