Beware! Too much gaming can harm your eyesight

What a Mom thing to say? Do not play too much or your eyes will go bust. Unfortunately, too much gaming can indeed affect your eyesight. You will find most avid gamers wear glasses. If they don’t they might be using lenses or they have some good genes.

Can too much gaming cause migraines?

Yes, too much gaming gives you headaches. If you have this question in mind, then yes, your headaches or migraines are because of your abnormally long gaming session. Your high-resolution game screen improves your gaming experience by giving you very engaging graphics. But these screens emit blue light. This might be minimal compared to the natural sunlight, but how long do you stare outdoors or into the sunlight.

The light emitted may seem harmless, but you focus on the screen for hours. When you focus, you hardly blink, making your eyes tired and increasingly dry.

If you had been a hardworking student or you still are one, then you have noticed that studying for hours non-stop sometimes make you feel like your head will burst. You are focussing hard on your studying, causing you headaches. This may be temporary and goes away after resting. Or you are wearing gaming glasses that help in reducing eye strain and eye pain. This is similar to computer screens or gaming. Working constantly on the computer or gaming too much will hurt your head. After taking a rest, you can go back to your optimum condition. 

Are you seeing blurs?

After hours of staring into the monitor screen, have you noticed your vision faltering? If yes, then go sleep. You should not extend your limits and keep harming your eyes. If you are starting to see a blur, it means your eyes are too tired even to focus.

Your game can be important but not more important than your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses then you should get computer glasses that will aid your vision when you game.  

Computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses are effective. You can wear these glasses and block 60-90 per cent of blue light emission. Without blue lights entering your eyes, you will have a comfortable view. You will not get headaches or blurry vision. 

How much gaming is too much?

It is inevitable to get headaches after long gaming sessions, but how much is too much? This depends on who is gaming. Gaming in young kids is unhealthy. It hinders the growth process. It also affects the overall growth of their brain. If your kid sticks to the computer playing video games all day long, then you should intervene. Make them engage in different activities that can help them grow.

Kids do not stop playing after they experience headaches or blurry vision. They ignore it and keep playing. This deteriorates their eyesight. You should stop playing games just as you feel you are tired. If you get too much blurry vision or double vision, make sure to go for an eye test.

Also, it is a better idea to take breaks in between. For every twenty minutes, you can take your eyes off the computer screen and stare at any object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will break your monotonous routine and give some relief to your eyes. This 20-20-20 rule can help you with keeping your eyes less tired and strained.

Does Blue light glasses actually work?

Yes. Blue light glasses work. They block blue lights and provide you with strain-free vision. You can use them when you are gaming or doing your office work. They reduce your fatigue and strain from the computer screen. But if you stick to the computer screen for abnormally long hours, these glasses cannot do much. These glasses only aid your vision and give you comfort by blocking the blue light emission. Extending your work hour or your gaming hours will not give eye pain for a long time, but your eyes will become weaker from focussing too much for far too long hours. Adding to your eye pain woes, sitting for long hours in front of a screen can give you back pain or neck pain. This can then lead to diseases like spondylitis, cervical and chronic back pain. It will be wiser if you keep moving from your chair and not keep staring at the blue screen.

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