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Bette Bathtubs

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Depending upon the perspective of a bather, a bathtub has two main aspects of style and functionality. Firstly, it makes the style element of the bathroom by becoming its focal point. Secondly, its utility is the major attraction for the bather to release the stress of the whole day and relax the muscles after a busy schedule. When it comes to selecting a bette set 1700 bath material, there are different options to choose from. Among these choices, a steel bathtub is a durable and long-lasting option. Steel baths are made of a sheet of titanium steel. That sheet is molded into smooth shapes.  The beautiful flowing angles and clean and crisp lines make them a perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms. While the white enamel surface gives hygienic protection and it is really easy to clean too. It is chemical and scratch-resistant. That’s why it gives a refined look.

Bette is a leading company that has made its name in the steel bath manufacturing industry. From the very start, the company aims to establish its in-house technology for producing top-notch products beyond the market standards. They improve their art of steel creation using a special formulation of steel and glass further enhancing the robustness. You can enhance your bathroom décor by choosing the suitable product from Bette’s extensive range of bath products, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Due to high-quality craftsmanship, steel bathtubs offer the best product with years of guarantee, hence proving themselves as a fantastic investment in your bathroom. Bette works with professional designers who know how to prioritize aesthetics. Their bath collection offers exquisite designs to make them the cornerstone of your bathroom’s interior. You can transform your average bathroom into your personal dream SPA with the range of Bette’s exquisite bath, such as Bette Set single-ended super steel bath.

The beautiful Bette Set offers robustness and premium quality. For small bathrooms, it is the best choice that covers less space and gives the maximum advantage. This bathtub is fitted with an anti-noise pad and it is made of sturdy titanium finished steel. With a unique Bette glaze enamel finish, it is given with a refined and bright look. The shallow tub depth enables a comfortable entrance and a water-saving bath. Bette steel baths are heat-conducting, hygienic, easy to care for and clean, resistant to chemicals, scratch and impact-resistant, UV resistant, and reassuringly robust.

Having a Bette Glaze finish, the Bette set 1700 is designed with hygiene in mind. Due to the non-porous properties and glass-like surface, dirt and bacteria are unable to penetrate and damage your bathtub These bathtubs utilize titanium-steel alloy, together with enamel, to create a unique finish. The bath’s surface is therefore highly heated conductive. It means that it absorbs the heat of the bathwater, including around the neck of the bath, allowing for a highly sensual bathing experience. It has been designed to be highly scratch-resistant. It is harder than marble, steel, and plastic, and therefore it is highly unlikely that any abrasive items usually found in the bathroom will cause damage to it.

Nexus offers the full variety of Bette baths with a range of sizes and designs to choose from. If you are looking for a high-quality bath tub in the UK, Nexus is there to help you with promising quality of products by renowned brands like Bette that has made its name in design and quality.


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