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Best WordPress Services Provider

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Every good website is somewhat the result of a good Web Host. Especially in relation to WordPress hosting, a good web host is quite crucial as it helps in the improvement of your SEO, which consequently impacts your sales in a progressive manner. 

All the qualities that a good WordPress host should comprise of are mentioned below-

  • A good speed for hassle free opening of your website
  • Security parameters that ensure the safety of your data
  • Extent of reliability should be good so that the users receive better results
  • Easy installation that can prove to be significant for beginners
  • Support for HTTPS and SSL

WordPress makes websites and blogs more powerful and effective. It is a system which is built on PHP and MySQL and is regarded as one of the best systems for the purpose of management of content. There are numerous different types pertaining to WordPress hosting, which are present on the internet today. Some of them are Free hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and managed WordPress hosting. 

We will now read about some of the Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers that are present on the internet. 

Digital Ocean

It is one of the most widely used web hosting for all types of hosting needs, especially WordPress hosting. It comes with great features and robust security protocols which make it a reliable WordPress Hosting service provider. It main features are mentioned below- 

  • It comes with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime.
  • Its feature of Cloud Firewalls safeguards your data and website from viruses or other foreign attacks.
  • It has a monitoring and alerting system which keeps you updated on any trouble pertaining to your WordPress website
  • IT also comes with Enterprise SSDs. 
  • Its API is quite easy to use and it comes with one-click installation for WordPress. 
  • There are more than 3000 tutorials as to how to use Digital Ocean so that even beginners can get handy with it easily. 
  • You can also take help from its 24×7 customer service or through the mode of its Q&A forum. 
  • Its droplet servers start from a basic price of $5 per month, making it a powerful yet affordable option for your WordPress website. You can also choose the mode of paying per hour. 


It comes with four types of WordPress hosting plans for the user, namely- Single WordPress, WordPress starter, Business WordPress and WordPress premium, which come with more and more features and price in increasing order. The features of Hostinger are as follows- 

  • It has a simple and intuitive user interface which allows you to set up WordPress websites with a lot of ease. 
  • You can create a new website as well as migrate your website using Hostinger. 
  • Its fast mechanism makes sure that you receive high speeds and consequently your websites’ popularity is not compromised. 
  • The company offers Hostinger Coupon Code for First Time users.
  • It has the power of LiteSpeed Caching and optimisation, which ensures for your website great speed, security and reliability. 
  • Businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises have plans on Hostinger according to their needs, budget and business type. 
  • It is an easy to use yet power-packed web host which comes with features and tools for your ease. 


A large amount of businesses today are using Hostgator for fulfilling their WordPress websites needs. It ensures lightning fast speeds and affordable plans to the users to make it widely liked by people and businesses around the world. Features of Hostgator- 

  • It has a special package for WordPress hosting, which comes with everything one might need for their WordPress hosting needs. 
  • You can get a free domain name for 1 year while signing up to its services. 
  • It comes with powerful security based tools such as SEO tools, SSL certificate and Premium Cloudflare CDN. 
  • Exclusive Hostgator Coupons for new users to make its hosting plan reasonable.
  • It comes with a large number of servers spread across the world so that people can choose the server which is in proximity to their location, as servers near your location are more efficient than those which are far away. 
  • It comes with lightning fast speeds for your WordPress website, and is known to give high performance without any trouble or barrier. 
  • It provides 24×7/365 customer support to its users in case of any query or persisting problem. 
  • Its special package which is created for WordPress websites comes at a price of Rs 249 per month only. 

Miles Web

Miles Web is a web hosting service provider, which provides almost all hosting types to its users. It is widely used by people around the world for their WordPress websites due to its ease of installing WordPress, which comes already optimised in its every plan. Features of Miles Web are mentioned below- 

  • It comes with backups for all your data so that you can prevent loss of data to bad unfortunate events. 
  • It comes with optimised WordPress in all of its plans. 
  • IT has an in-built website builder using which you can customise your website making it more appealing to the visitors. 
  • It comes with multiple PHP versions and FTP over SSL. 
  • It has a 1-click installer for WordPress and it provides unlimited subdomains to the user. You can also create unlimited FTP accounts. 
  • It also gives you unlimited parked domains and its cache manager saves your website from unwanted cache and other files. 

Thus, we have read about some best Web hosts which provide amazing and affordable Web hosting services for WordPress. Every host comes packed with different features and offerings for the customer. So on the basis of your requirements and your likings, you can choose the perfect option for your WordPress website, so that you can get the best results. 


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