Best Ways To Remove Red Wine Stains From Upholstery

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Tips to clean red wine stains from upholstery

Many wines can leave a red wine stain if they are spilled on certain upholstery fabrics. However, with some simple knowledge and the right products, you can remove the stain from your upholstery.

1) Method One: Use Hydrogen Peroxide Or White Vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide is usually used in medicine to kill germs and stop bleeding wounds. But it has another use too – removing stains! Simply pour hydrogen peroxide onto the stain until it is saturated. If the fabric of your chair or couch is light-colored try using diluted white vinegar instead as vinegar is also an effective cleaner for many types of stains including red wine ones. While the peroxide or vinegar is working its magic, blot and dab at the area with paper towels. Do not rub as this may cause the stain to spread.

2) Method Two: Pre-Treat The Stain With Alcohol Or A Detergent

The reason why red wine stains can be so hard to remove from upholstery is due to the dyes used in making Merlot and other wines that are a deep shade of red. As with most types of stains on any type of fabric (other than ink), it is essential that you pre-treat them straight away! Using a solution made up of degreaser and detergent will do the trick perfectly, but you should also try using rubbing alcohol for even greater efficiency. Choose a degreaser that is free of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and if you are using rubbing alcohol, make sure it is 91% proof or more to ensure optimum results.

3) Method Three: Ask A Professional For Help

If neither method one or two worked for you, consider having your professional upholstery cleaners ! Cleaning a stained surface on an expensive couch can often be cheaper than having to buy a new one. Recruit the help of someone with experience in stain removal and ask them what they recommend as there are many ways to remove different types of stains from upholstery such as dry cleaning, water extraction and steam carpet extraction depending on the type of fabric that is being cleaned.

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