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Best way to Combat Cellulite

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In this educational medical write up I’m going to talk about the problem which has been seen majorly in women’s which is called cellulite the reason why I’m talking about this again is that 95% of women have cellulite and the rare few the 5% that don’t have it I suggest a number one you get your prescription glasses checked to determine what does cellulite look like and number two if you truly don’t have any cellulite even when you pinch your thighs together on behalf of all the rest of the women on the planet in all shapes and sizes we hate you so for most of us we have to work on this it does help if you lose a little bit of weight but even the skinniest fittest people in the planet still have cellulite.

Why cellulite is caused by fibrous bands?

Cellulite is caused by the fibrous bands that connect the bottom layers of your skin to the top layers of your skin and there’s fat in between the problem is when those bands become very tight and the fat becomes a little bit inflated you get like a mattress effect so a lot of people call it cottage cheese thighs some people it looks like an orange peel some it’s evenly distributed over your body and then others they have like one big dimple or one big dimple on their ass so it just depends on how your fashion is how that connective tissue is and things like that but there are ways to combat them.

How to minimize the appearance of cellulite?

There’s really no cure I know it sucks but you can reduce them to where you can’t see it at all and I’m going to go through all the ways by adopting those technique’s you can reduce your cellulite and it’s not just one you can’t just buy one potion or do one thing and think that all of a sudden you’re going to be cellulite-free it doesn’t work like that just like it takes a lot of potions to make your skin great it too takes many different kinds of treatments to actually reduce the appearance of cellulite.

So I’m going to go through the one that is probably the least effective but it still works when you combined it with other things and after religiously follow this technique you should compare what does cellulite looks like before and after.

  • The creams really do work when you combine them with other things and the main ingredient that you need to look for is our retinoid which as we know help with a lot of different stuff including cell turnover and caffeine so not only do you need to drink a little caffeine in the morning and your green tea or a little bit of your coffee it also helps to put it on your skin because it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite it’s a natural diuretic so anytime you’re shrinking the amount of water retention that you have you’re reducing the way that what does cellulite look like that means a reduction in water retention equals a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
  • The next one is dry brushing that’s increased the circulation it’s working on that lymphatic drainage it’s helping with cellulite.  The appearance of cellulite by stimulating circulation by lymphatic drainage by helping with Rod water retention so renewal and plumping that skin up to a certain point and see what does cellulite look like?  a little bit better so if you combine those two not one right after the other but you can dry brush and then put on the cream don’t put on the cream and then dry brush because it is called dry brushing it’s not on dry skin.

I covered the most basic technique to reduce the cellulite problem so that majority of people can easily practice and get maximum boon out of it.


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