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Best VR Headset For Gaming – Find Out How the HTC Vienna Compares To Other Headsets

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If you’re shopping for the Best VR Headset for Gaming then the new Rift is without a doubt a contender. It is lightweight, compact, and comes in a range of sizes, from small to extra large. It is also s packaged with great quality controls and an adjustable head-strap, which lets you get the perfect fit. You also get a built-in noise-canceling microphone. So you can carry on chatting whether people are talking to you or not. It is also compatible with Steam VR. Meaning you’re only limited to the games it has available – making it the most comprehensive and flexible product out there.

The new Rift also offers excellent sound and spatial resolution

And offers up to two hundred and twenty degrees of tracking, which is far greater than any other headset. However, what sets it apart is that it incorporates the cutting-edge technology of the day. Namely, the refined motion-adaptive processing and crisp audio. It incorporates the most advanced graphics cards and the most advanced computing techniques, delivering a true-to-life experience with Best VR Headset today.

So, what makes the difference

When it comes to HTC’s fantastic line of headsets? The answer is simple. The design and tracks are incredible, while the audio and spatial resolution are top class. It certainly helps that HTC has developed its own Best VR Headset protocol, called Valve VR. This protocol allows users to communicate with one another using any HTC device. Be they computers or smartphones. To take advantage of the full capabilities of their HTC Vive. Valve VR also dictates the refresh rate and motion-precision of the graphics-refresh rate. Meaning you will not be left behind by your competitors.

We have already explored some of the technologies and applications present in HTC Vienna

But what makes it a truly powerful PC video gaming solution? The answer lies in its ability to combine powerful computing and graphics solutions with advanced wireless solutions. It features cutting-edge Wi-Fi Direct technology, which is designed to streamline PC gaming so you can play anywhere, anytime. Further on, the headset features an advanced dual-link DVI/ HDMI connection. Which enables users to connect the device to a standard VGA/DVI setup or to an HDTV if desired.

Perhaps the biggest feature however is the display resolution

Which is five times higher than that offered by any other leading gaming headset. That’s not all though, as the headset boasts a six degrees FOV (field of view). This means you can fully appreciate the game or applications without having to strain your eyes. When taking into consideration the level of tracking and precision that is provided. This makes the headset truly ideal for true PC gaming. Users will also appreciate the enhanced audio clarity as well as the superior noise-canceling capabilities.

All told, the HTC Vienna packs quite a punch

However, it does suffer from some negative points including a lack of wireless connectivity. And the inability to download games to the headsets. In comparison, the price is a lot more competitive with the likes of the Rift, PlayStation 4. And Xbox One trailing far behind in terms of both price and technical specification. There’s no doubt however that the HTC Vienna is the best headset. To buy if you’re looking for a powerful yet compact PC video gaming controller.


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