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Best video Conferencing Software in 2021

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It’s the age of Video & Video Communication Platforms. In the post-2020 world, Video Solutions have become a necessity for businesses of all sizes across industries. It’s just not meetings and consultations are being done online; entire workflows and processes are now altered to Work From Home.

In the interest of continuing the same in 2021, a number of advanced Video Platforms have come up to support organizations in their endeavour to leverage video for their processes. In these Video Communication Platforms are big names that had already been in use before & free services that were used in plenty by businesses. However, most of these Video Solutions had limited capabilities that could support “Video” & Remote work strategies of businesses. Hence, a lot of these established names extended their capabilities to paid Video Platforms that could handle the expectations of businesses.

Businesses use Video Solutions to do things they did otherwise in-person; conduct strategy meetings, team meetings, coworking etc. on an operational level. For processes that require dealing with clients in person, most businesses are experimenting with Video Solutions. For example, E-Commerce, Retail, Real Estate give demonstrations on Video. Services like Therapy, Medical Consultations, Legal Services etc. are being provided on Video Platforms.

And as you read this, new organizations are taking advantage of Video Solutions to discover new areas of Customer Engagement & Work Collaboration. Hence, it’s pivotal for any business on this date to incorporate Video Communication Strategies into their Customer Experience.

Let’s look at the top Video Communication Platforms available for businesses to leverage for their video efforts-

Google Meet–  The ever trusted meeting service that comes with the E-mail package of Gmail has been used by organizations to conduct meetings with their external agents and stakeholders. Currently, it’s used to conduct team meetings and seminars within the organization. The service is fairly simple to use. All one needs is their E-Mail ID and a meeting link/id. However, there are limitations to the service. As simple as it comes is as limiting it is, the maximum number of participants in a meeting is 250. Hence, it cannot be leveraged by a business to conduct town hall meetings, webinars with a larger capacity. There is no option to customize meetings as per the company’s brand. And in case an organization wants to conduct a poll online, it is simply not possible. However Google Meet is a great fit for smaller organizations that require remote work meetings. Again, there’s no option to integrate Google Meet with any productivity tools. Hence, Google Meet is limited in its capabilities to help organizations leverage the potential of Video Solutions with full throttle.

Zoom– Zoom is a widely used Video Communication Platform used by companies across the globe. It’s fairly simple to use and is available both as a website and application. A person doesn’t need to sign up or have an E-mail address to join a meeting. All they require is a meeting link or a meeting link with a password. The paid version of Zoom overcomes some of the shortcomings of the Free Version of Zoom. The paid version doesn’t have the 40 min meeting or 100 participant limit. There are various versions of the Paid Versions in the form of Marketing Licenses. Zoom incorporates productivity tools and is hence great for remote meetings & webinars.

Knowlarity Video Communication API & SDK–  The Knowlarity Video APIs & SDKs incorporate some of the most important features required by businesses to make Video Communication a part of the larger Business Strategy. It comes with the basic benefit of “one-click” video meetings wherein the participant(s) require just a link to join the meeting. The Knowlarity Video Communication Platform goes above and beyond this; businesses can integrate Video Meetings within their Application/Website Infrastructure to provide their customers with a truly cohesive and branded video experience. The Video meetings are HD-enabled to emulate life-like meetings, thereby making sure that whichever customer engagement processes like product demos, consultations and client meetings are seamlessly conducted online. Managers can easily access the dashboard to get details on all the meetings. The Video Solution from Knowlarity can be integrated with the organization’s CRM, forming a crucial part of the overall strategy for the company.

Hence, it truly depends on how far an organization wants to meet their Video goals. If only regular work meetings are required, then Google Meet is a great free service. The Zoom Paid Licenses work well for industry-wide seminars. The Knowlarity Video APIs and SDKs are great for businesses that are looking to leverage Video for enhanced Customer engagement to boost growth.


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