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Best 7 TV Shows That Can Change the Way You Dress

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Like dressing up? Who doesn’t, right? Especially if Dress not something fancy or overwhelming but straightforward yet sumptuous. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in people changing the way they dress after getting inspired by a celebrity or watching a television series.

The drama industry has influenced not only the way we think or live but also the way we carry ourselves, which will be pretty understandable by the end of this article as it will discuss the shows which inspired us to update our fashion statement and helped us to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s get started on how much these mentioned shows significantly impact our daily life and wardrobe collection. It is only natural to get inspired and adopt something from something you like. Then be sure to opt-in in an elegant manner.

7 TV shows that make a difference in your fashion game

Her Private Life- 2019

Circling the story of a white collar job holder, Park Min Young, in her 30s, keeping her fan girl side a secret from her boss to maintain her job as a museum manager.

Throughout the show, her office hours clothing indeed left an impression; from a simple three-piece suit in a lighter shade to a soft feminine outlook on the off days, everything Park wore inspired many to have this clean, smooth, sophisticated silhouette, to begin with.  

Emily in Paris-2020

As soon as this show debuted, the hype made people fall in love with Lily Collins. While the story revolves around her being hired at a marketing firm in Paris to present an American perspective, she ensured to keep her audience captive for as long as she appeared on screen through her fashion statement and acting.

From wearing an animated piece of garb for formal get-togethers to simple, uncomplicated apparel, everything she carried left an awe-inspiring impression on her audience worldwide.

The King: Eternal Monarch-2020

With the collaboration of Netflix, the South Korean drama industry released this legendary series called; The King: Eternal Monarch, which cast the finest of members with excellent fashion taste. The story revolves around the parallel universe, excitingly involving the lead characters.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun kept their fashion in the quintessential state while giving it a classy yet lavish outlook. No wonder we all fell in love with the attire collection of the series.


Does love period show? Well, you surely don’t want to miss this great drama covering the times of the early 1990s in England. Where powerful families like; Bridgerton attempts to find true love among hundreds of other young ladies.

Every time a gathering occurs, it is necessary for one to stand out, making them choose from the finest of apparel with royal touch to it. How did it sound? You can also get yours by ordering patches online to give your distinctive attire a unique outlook.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay- 2020

To be precise, the storyline is different; a psychological yet thrilling series with a combination of a high-end fashion statement is undoubtedly something to admire. A children’s book writer Seo Ye Ji struggles with her traumatic childhood memory leaving her with no empathic emotions toward others.

But we all can agree on how she presented herself in terms of dressing and personality. A clever way to make yourself an attire just like hers is by allowing platforms like; custom vector art services to give you a brief illustration of how your outfit might look.

Friends- 1994

This legendary series is undoubtedly the finest and has been our favorite for decades. A sitcom that made all of our childhood and left us with something to remember. Throughout the show, our very favorite, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), made sure to leave us inspired every single time she appeared on the screen, giving us some rich girl vintage vibes.

While the other cast members surely knew how to pull off even the most ordinary of garb into something ravishing. Once you get into this unforgettable series, you will know what I meant by Dress.

Run BTS- 2015

Well, talking about shows, reality series are one of the most natural things one can relate to. RUN BTS is an entertainment show that follows a new concept every week to allow the fans into a world of their idol’s real-life personality.

Now that we all are aware of the fact that the world’s biggest boy band BTS, does not only influence us through their mesmerizing voices but their soft yet vintage dressing sense along with their friendly and humble personality as well, which can be seen throughout the show aired every Tuesday since 2015. From dressing up in a soft, sophisticated manner in a light color tone, all seven of these boys reflect their fashion statement in an exquisite yet graceful way. Making their fans fall in love and inspired every week.

Final Takeaway 

Choosing the proper dress also defines your personality; it’s about how you carry yourself in that particular circumstance. If you find yourself addicted to some series of any country, there will be things or two about Dress which you will adopt, and the same goes for dressing. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then these series should be on your watch list to enhance the art you already have!


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