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Best Tourist Destinations to Visit in Cyprus

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Cyprus is a tiny island; still, this beautiful island welcomes millions of travellers from all over the globe every year. This small island offers visitors the most memorable vacation experience, with its amazing history and gorgeous beaches. Several churches, museums and monasteries are available on the island that entertains many vacationers. If you want to explore a small tourist destination but want to have every sort of amazing spot where you can explore and enjoy your holiday with your family and friends, then Cyprus could be one of the best choices.

Are you getting interested? Do you want to visit Cyprus with your family and friends to enjoy your vacation? If yes, you need to know about the best tourist destinations in it. This blog lists the best places you should explore in Cyprus.

Have a look,

  • Start your tour by visiting the Ancient Kourion.

The Ancient Kourion is one of the prime destinations of Cyprus that is also considered one of the best places to start your Cyprus tour. You can visit here by making KLM Booking.

  • Explore St. Hilarion Castle.

St. Hilarion Castle is one of the gorgeous Mediterranean castle ruins. As per the locals, this castle was built by a fairy queen. 

  • Witness the beauty of Larnaca.

If you want to spend your vacation in a beautiful seaside resort, Larnaca will be your utmost choice.

  • Visit the Karpas Peninsula.

This is considered the most beautiful corner of Cyprus. Here, you can enjoy hiking and also explore hidden historical sites. 

  • End your excursion by exploring the Ancient Salamis.

Cyprus is filled with many ancient sites, and the Ancient Salamis is one of the collections. To visit here, you need to make KLM Flight Booking.


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