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Best Tips to Choose Best Piano Movers in Perth

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Skilled hands are required to move a piano using the right equipment and techniques safely. Look for piano movers who are experienced near you. Professional piano movers in Perth can move your piano quickly and safely. It’s worth researching to find piano movers near you that can safely transport your piano to its destination.

Finding the right piano movers is challenging. Let’s take a look at some important things you should consider when working with professionals in piano moving.

Types of Pianos

Although pianos have seen many changes over time, their internal workings are still the same as their original design. Each job is different because there are many styles of pianos. Therefore, movers need to adapt their techniques accordingly. Modern pianos share a common style and can be classified as upright-vertical or grand–horizontal.


The most popular type of piano is the upright or vertical one. These pianos are frequently found in private homes, schools’ music rooms, places for worship, retirement homes, and concert halls.

Four types of vertical pianos fall under this umbrella. Their sizes can vary greatly, impacting the cost of piano transport services. Vertical pianos tend to change in height, but the width stays the same – approximately 58 inches.


Spinet pianos measure in at less than 40 inches high. They may interfere with the sound produced by the piano due to their size.


Console pianos can often be found in homes up to 40 inches wide.


Most studio pianos can be found in schools or studios. They are approximately 45-48 inches tall and produce a better sound than smaller vertical pianos.

Moving Advantages

The upright piano is typically lighter than the average grand, making Piano Movers in Perth easier to move them. Due to their vertical shape, they slide through doors much more easily than horizontal pianos.

How do you choose piano movers?

Verify their credentials

Transporting pianos requires that companies comply with all state and federal regulations. This includes a valid license and registration with the Department of Transportation. A moving company may be able to provide piano transport services.

Ask moving professionals for their credentials. Verify their credentials once they have been received to ensure they are current.

Check your insurance coverage.

Each professional piano moving company must be licensed and insured. You can verify the insurance by calling the insurance companies to confirm that they have been licensed and insured when you are looking for movers.

Your homeowner’s policy may cover you. However, Piano Movers in Perth is best to speak with an agent of the homeowner’s insurer to see if you are eligible for additional coverage.

Review the product

You can use the past performance of a piano transportation service to help you determine what kind of experience you will have working with them. It is also possible to research these professionals. Look online for reviews and information on the Better Business Bureau. Talk to people who have dealt with piano moving companies in the past.

Remember that reviews online may only sometimes be trustworthy. Take each review with a grain.

Piano Moving Costs

When you consider hiring piano movers to move your piano, the first question is what it will cost. Piano moving is more costly than traditional services, so this question is common. These costs have a reason.


Ever wonder how heavy a piano weighs? If you’re lucky enough, piano movers will be able to handle their weight. These instruments can be made from heavy and durable materials like cast iron, dense wood, and metal wires. Additional equipment, team members, and fuel costs will be required. This weight is necessary to improve the sound, but it also increases the cost of transporting the piano.


The piano was meant to be kept from moving around, making it more challenging for piano movers. A piano may be moved once and then returned to its original location. Any movement can cause damage to delicate instruments. It may be necessary to tune it at the very minimum. They are wide and may be long, depending on the piano type. They can also be top-heavy.


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