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As a child drawing a beautiful landscape, two isolated mountains with sunrise and sunset just behind it. We painted the bright and wonderful sky, with birds flying around, complementing the green wetlands and the river flowing from the mountains. That was wonderful scenery for all of us, however, unfortunately, the exotic places the films showed us had to be disdained because we never saw the beauty that we had imagined in real life.


Bienvenido a trek through Kuari Pass. At 12,500 meters above sea level, the Kuari Pass trek is a unique experience that differs from all the other treks – mountains, streams, ridges, woods, and the trekking route, all in one trip. The Kuari Pass has an unforgettable experience. The panoramic view of rich green wetlands from the very first day in front of Nanda Devi, snowcapped by its skyline, gives the whole trek the mood and the journey continues through different wetlands, streams, ridges, cliffs and rivières. With a simple and easy trek that only involves moderate trekking, this trekking route is a paradise for every walker to enjoy, giving the walker a taste of all the nature offers in the mountains.


Best time to visit Kuari Pass Trek


Every time in the summer Kuari Pass adds its unique brushstroke to its preferred feature with its variety – mountains, meadows, valleys and streams. This makes the trek suitable for all the calendar months, leaving the monsoon aside. That said, as this is a crossover, late winters or early summers turn out to be the best season.


With little to little snowfall, the most beautiful trekking trail is the spring season. The pass reaches its full glory in the colors of nature with plenty of snow en route. During the springs you can see brooks of light rosy rhododendron flowers in the golden wetlands and the bugyal, and the valleys of the snow are located behind them. The rivers wind through the melted snow and the wind and the pine, oak, maple, and birch trees are getting another bump in their vibrancy when the spring brightens them. p>


Nature itself is also getting a new life in spring. The birds’ sound in the woods, the sight of white flocks of sheep grazing in the green grass with the snow-capped mountains at the back of the forest, gives every traveler a sense of peace and peace. In the night, the starry sky over the dark dense oak woods is euphoric in all its sense, with the soft glitter of the campsite’s tent against the silence of nature.


What makes Kuari Pass trek special


The temperatures in spring are not harsh at all, but are cold in the air. The highest campsite, the highest temperature decrease, and the wind chiller is quite tough, with temperatures varying between plus 13 and plus 3 in Joshimath, the lowest camper on this trek, and from 7 to minus 5 in Khullar. In addition to the steady and gradual ascent, it is pretty easy to get used to changing temperatures because of its low inclination. The change in the temperature and steady climb makes it an ideal walk for a beginner and also for hikers of all ages.


Also, a keen traveler and explorer, Lord Curzon, the government diplomat, chose the route to explore and admire the beauty of the Himalayan Garhwal regions in 1905, giving this trek the alternate name of Lord Curzon Trail. The walk starts from Auli, which is well known for its slope and the view of the snowy Nanda Devi, 7,800 meters above sea level, which is only the first day of the trip. Auli’s view of Nanda Devi is special in that you can get a clear overview of the entire Nanda Devi Mountain from the blue sky and reveal its monumental position right opposite you.


The singularity of this view is that the entire Nanda Devi can be viewed without any trees or greenery and that you get to see a white peak directly in front of the green field of meadows. The trek offers a view of the beautiful snow-capped mountain crests, with the unusually isolated view of mountains such as Dronagiri Mountain, Neelkanth Mountain, and Hathi Ghoda Mountain, which stand high and form a contrasting figure on a crimson sky, is the unique feature of the Kuary Pass Trek. Not only that, you can see the mountains up close, right across the valley, which stands out in front of you from the other walks.

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