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What is the Best Season to Visit Dubai?

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The best time to visit Dubai is April and September. There is snowfall and cold in the northern countries, so the temperature in Dubai is also lower than in other months of the year. During April and September, the city sees mild pleasant sunshine and clear skies. Beach lovers love clear skies.

But not all travelers prefer seasonal ease. A large population of nomads is also searching for the cheapest time to visit Dubai. Obviously, when the city temperature rises, the cost of hotel accommodation, food, and other idyllic places for travelers goes down. May to August is usually the least busy time for Dubai tourism when the city would be less expensive to visit.

June to August33 – 42°CSummerLeast
September to October25 – 38°CTransition periodModerate
November to March17 – 30 °CWinter with a hint of rainHigh
April to May26 – 38°CTransition monthsModerate

Dubai Tourism Guide by Seasons

So if you are looking for the best time to book Dubai tour packages, then a complete reading of this blog will give you the right answer. We have divided it into four parts keeping in mind the style of passengers.

  1. Summer Season to Visit in Dubai
  2. Dubai Visit in Ramadan
  3. Winter time to Visit
  4. Best Time to Go for a Desert Tour

Summer Season in Dubai (June to August)

During the summer, the sun dominates in Dubai, it is sunny for 12 hours a day, and the temperature goes from 35 degrees to 45 degrees. Since Dubai is situated on the seashore, it is very humid and debilitating heat.

Outdoor activities can be restricted in Dubai due to high temperatures, but the best time for people who want to visit Dubai in a low cost. Dubai is never completely quiet. The city has made enough efforts to adapt to the atmosphere that is why the Dubai Summer Festival is quite popular. The 10-week long Dubai Festival is attended by many art lovers and food lovers which gives energy to the city in summer.

So basically, the outside temperature is warm, but the interiors of Dubai are air-conditioned so that you can take advantage of cheap deals and travel around Dubai comfortably.

Dubai in Winter (November to March)

The evenings in Dubai get chilly during winters and the temperature swings from 17 to 25 degrees. In many ways, the winter season is the best to visit Dubai’s desert area because in this season is neither strong winds nor rain will bother you.

In the winter months, you can also participate in events like desert camping and desert safaris. During this time, Dubai’s Independence Day is held on 2 December, which offers a host of exciting events.

The Dubai Shopping Festival draws millions of tourists to the city. Other shows such as horse racing, boat race competitions, and endless excitement keep tourists engaged in winters.

Although this is the peak time of Dubai tourism, hotels and restaurants will find high prices but enthusiasts will not compromise on the price.

Visiting Dubai in Ramadan

Dubai is an Islamic emirate where the month of Ramadan is celebrated as a holy period with certain restrictions. If you go to Dubai during Ramadan, avoid eating and smoking in public and be kind to locals.

During Ramadan, Dubai visitors need to be aware of the vows of the residents, and any behavior that hurts religious sentiments is not acceptable.

The opinion of outsiders about going to Dubai during Ramadan is not valid; resultant, they are afraid to come here during this time. While you are aware of the rules, Ramadan can be the best time to visit Dubai.

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Desert Tour

Morning Desert Tour in Dubai

Going for a desert tour in Dubai complements the journey at the level of experiences. In the winter, the fun of Dubai Desert Safari, flying in a hot balloon over the desert, or individual camping in the desert is only available from November to January.

You can take a walk in the desert in the morning air and visit Dhow Cruise in the evening. The winter season opens up all the possibilities in Dubai. As the temperatures can rise unusually high in the afternoon, choose early mornings for activities like sightseeing.

Obviously, winter is the busiest time for tourism in Dubai, so travelers will have more pockets, but they will be able to see the true nature of Dubai.


The above blog describes the best time to visit Dubai based on travel style. Maybe you want to have a great experience in Dubai without worrying about pocket, then November to January is the best time for you. But most still care about pockets, so such travelers should visit Dubai during summers though everything is not closed, but the opportunities are limited and best fit for your pocket.


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