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Best Tailor Shop in Gurgaon | Tailor Style™

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Tailor Style ™ has been at the forefront of wedding suits and outfits for over 20 years. Fitwell Tailor is one of the most trusted men’s tailoring stores in Gurgaon. We are one of the best tailors in Gurgaon in  terms of quality and equipment.


A costume says a lot about status and personality. Give your best first impression with the impeccable fit and finish of a bespoke fit from Tailor Style. Our bespoke suits are custom designed to your measurements and specifications for a truly personalized men’s suit. Suits for business, for weddings, for special occasions, for the expatriate community.


Your design, we deliver. The blazer is essential for your collection of dresses. An elegant and designer blazer can be perfectly matched with any dress. Our fitted blazer will give you an elegant look with every dress. Our bespoke clothing gives you the maximum level of comfort and confidence in every blazer.


Get it in your size. Your pants must be adapted to your morphology. It’s one size – yours! No standard size will ever be your size. Once you’ve switched to tailored clothing, you’ll have a hard time going back to those stock sizes. Our skilled tailors are ready to cut and sew your garments to your exact measurements, to fit your natural shape. It can be slim pants or formal pants depending on your body type.


If you wear a well-fitting shirt, it will show off your personality without any effort. Do as you like the slim fit or the regular fit, do you want to add an accent color to your cuffs. We’ve got it covered! Personalize one of our designs or create your own shirt from scratch. Once you get it your way, our skilled tailors will cut and sew it to your measurements.

Prince Suit

Prince Suit is a symbol of rich traditional fashion with regal elegance and a style that symbolizes royalty. These are the favorite outfits of men to show rich tradition with elegant appearance. It is suitable for any formal event and any festive occasion like wedding, engagement, family reunion, rituals and traditional ceremonies. Tailor Style is the best tailor to provide the latest design and the elegance of the traditional look in the Prince suit.

Why Tailor Style™

Tailor Style™ has made the stitching of your suits very simple and easy. Available for both men and women, we offer bespoke tailoring experience. Although the readymade market has stormed the shopping experience, but nothing fits like customization. And the best part is that you get to design your own wardrobe. That is why Tailor Style™ is your best tailor in Delhi for getting suits stitched.


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