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Best Tablet Android Apps that You Will enjoy a lot

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One of the most amazing innovations of this century are tablets because of their compact size and wide applicability. Tablets are affordable and all that work that you were once doing on your giant computer or laptop, can now be done on a tablet without enduring the added bulk and weight. Tablets are used for a wide range of purposes and therefore owners of tablets keep many different apps, both for work and leisure. Here are some of the best tablet android apps that can make your tablet usage more fun and more congenial.

  1. Google Drive

To keep your data safe and sound, there is no app better than Google Drive. Google Drive is an excellent suite of apps to be used over tablet, consisting of different features like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep and Google Photos. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are ideal sub-apps of Google Drive for study and office work such as making questionnaires for surveys or for preparing presentation for an office meeting. You can make spreadsheets, make questionnaires, prepare presentations, access photos, write stuff and keep notes of all different types. Google Drive is also in integration with Gmail, Google Calendar and other Google apps, making it extremely congenial to move data from Google Drive to these apps and vice versa.

  • Microsoft Office

Like Google Drive, Microsoft is a whole suite of apps, that facilitate your working to its fullest. Microsoft includes OneDrive for cloud storage, Microsoft Word for writing, Microsoft Excel for making sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint for making slides, and a few others. Most of the apps of Microsoft Office are for free but you won’t get a whole bunch of cloud storage with OneDrive. Microsoft Office is an extremely useful app for office work and also for students.

  • AirDroid

AirDroid is an amazing app that let you manage your android from other devices. It aids you to send and receive files, answer messages and even record screenshots. With AirDroid, one can exchange data from his phone to tablet and vice versa, making it very handy to transfer data and use it as per your convenience. AirDroid has add-ons like AirMirror and AirDroid Remote Support. The trio is amazing and add all kinds of functionality.

  • Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an ebook reading platform. Amazon Kindle provides thousands of books you can buy. The books that you cannot find anywhere, will easily be available at Amazon Kindle. Android tablet makes it very easy to read an ebook on its larger screen. There is also an option to download books but not for all books. FBA Amazon Kindle is a very helpful app for bookworms.

  • Solid Explorer

Searching for a file and not finding it is a different kind of hassle. Solid explorer is an app that can get rid of this problem for you. it is an excellent file browsing app that you can use to check out files on your android tablet. Solid Explorer can be used to find material stored or downloaded in your tablet such as eBooks.

  • Feedly

Feedly is an RSS reader and you can find the blogs, articles, sites and sources of the material that you like. It is very helpful for students as they can find relevant material to their topics in no time. Following the site of your interest can give you a steady stream of news to read every day.

  • LastPass

LassPass is your secret keeper; it is a password manager app that let you put sensitive information for the website you visit such as your login credentials. It also auto-fills the passwords into apps so that you don’t have to put your password again and again and also saves you from the hassle of remembering what your password is. moreover, there is also a secure spot to store things like your health insurance number, credit card number, ATM pin and more. so, simply, LastPass is your secret diary that let you get free from remembering credentials and passwords.

  • Pulse SMS

To use SMS on your tablet, downloading Pulse SMS is very much recommended as it is the best way to get text message on your gadget. You have to download the app on your phone and tablet both and Pulse will sync your messages between the two devices.


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